What to Expect When Considering Franchise Ownership

Franchise DevelopmentYou decided you want to open a franchise, that’s great! There are just some key components you want to ensure your franchisor will provide before signing the dotted line.

First, research the franchise’s history. See how they’ve gone about expanding and research their company goals. Make sure they have a solid company structure and look into how individual franchises are doing. It’s also important to understand what the brand stands for and best practices the company uses for success.

Now that you’ve done your research, schedule a meeting with the company and make sure to ask them very specific questions. See if the company provides any upfront training, marketing support or other assistance. If not, it may not be a wise investment. Any company that is genuinely interested in your success, and theirs, will provide their knowledge and expertise to help you flourish.

According to Entrepreneur.com, there are 5 specific areas you should expect assistance on from your franchisor:

  1. Location assistance
  2. Construction assistance
  3. Marketing assistance
  4. Training- operations
  5. Franchise training

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchising process

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® team members are proud of the system of operations that has been built for our franchisees and the constant effort made to refine it at all levels. While it sounds like secret sauce (well, it is a little), it’s a simple concept. The system is an integrated way of running a moving franchise. This stems from customer acquisition, smart logistics, proper move day practices, billing and financial management, and customer satisfaction measuring and response. The system has been built so franchisees can work on their businesses and promote accountability with their teams who manage day-to-day operations. We are constantly spending time and money improving the entire system. This system is not separate from our customer satisfaction drive; rather it is the reason for it.

Before someone can become a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisee, they will work closely with the franchise development team to ensure they have all the tools necessary for success. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Franchise Development Director, Kelly Rogers, explains how the franchising process works:

“We view our franchisees as long-term partners. You don’t just open a location and show up at annual meeting on occasion. We are very interactive in this partnership. While at some time a franchisee may want less communication from us, they realize the value in this engagement. It builds a better system, which in turn, keeps the brand strong.

We want our franchisees to be leaders. If they have found best practices or have a different perspective from Home Office or other franchisees, we want them to speak up. They also need to be change agents and lead their team at their location(s) through evolutions that we are making to the system for its continued healthy growth and the best service of the customers — our #1 priority.

Our core values and the service of the customer are the most important thing to focus on with this brand. We want franchisees to exhibit the passion for these business drivers like we do.” 

Visit our website for more information on TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® and our franchising model. You can also download the following documents, here, which is your first step in becoming a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisee.

  • Item 19 Document – The Item 19 document is a public document that discloses franchise financial information.
  • 12 Week Timeline to Opening – An easy timeline of requirements you need from 12 weeks out to opening day.
  • Investment Requirements Document – A single page document detailing the investment range you can expect.

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