Engage in quality recruiting to reduce employee turnover

To create a thriving business, it’s important to surround yourself with team members who share your same vision of success. But how do you know if they’re right for the job?  With the help of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® human resources team, we came up with helpful tips for recruiting top-notch employees who will willingly stick around for years to come.

Search and select

When posting the available position, clearly label what you expect from the job, including specific tasks the employee will be responsible for. Companies who fail to do this may attract the wrong candidates for the job and end up wasting valuable resources and learn a hard lesson.

Phone InterviewAfter receiving multiple applications, begin weeding out weaker applicants by sifting through the resumes and separating those which best fit the job description and qualify for a phone interview. Phone interviews are an efficient way to get a sense of their communication skills and provide a time for questions regarding their work experience.  This first-pass conversation also ensures you don’t schedule an in-person interview only to quickly realize they aren’t right for the position or for your organization. Be sure to ask why they want to work at your company and why they believe they’re the best choice for the position. Don’t overlook small details during phone screens like the way the phone is answered, background noise and tone of voice. These convey professionalism (or lack thereof) before you see the candidate face-to-face.

Just as a candidate prepares for a job interview, the interviewer should prepare and rehearse, too. Before starting the interview process, set up a mock interview and go over your questions and scenarios, then ask the mock candidate for feedback. To ensure there aren’t any biases, develop a list questions to be asked at every interview. Throughout the interview, write down the candidate’s answers as detailed as possible for post-meeting review and reflection.

Interview like a pro

Now you’re prepared to succeed.

InterviewOnce you complete phone interviews, your next step is to determine which candidates are most qualified to move to the in-person interview stage. While interviewing, learn what is important to candidates on both a personal and professional level.  Ask them if they had to pick their top three values, what would they be? It’s crucial to find employees who are grounded and who have the same core values as your company. Also ask them what facts they know about the company and why they believe they would be a good fit based on that information. This is a simple exercise to ascertain how much effort was invested in researching the organization.

Behavioral interviewing is a popular technique where the interviewer asks questions related to past experiences with specific topics. Ask about scenarios other employees have experienced, and you’ll get a sense as to how they themselves would handle a particular situation. This is an effective way to establish fit within both the core team and the broader company culture. People might come prepared for the situational questions, so ask follow-up questions about examples they provide.

The best way to learn if someone is perfect for the job is to include something unexpected. For customer service representatives, it may be a typing test or a mock phone call with a customer. For a management position, challenge them to develop a short sample business plan. This will be an important indicator of both writing and strategic competencies.

After the second interview, have the candidates complete a DISC assessment. The DISC is useful for a variety of real-life situations. Many companies use it to screen potential employees with the assumption being a certain personality type is better suited for specific jobs or positions. Additionally, the assessment will demonstrate how well they might mesh with other team members. This is also the time to contact their references.

Happy wife, happy life

Careers at TMT header imageNow you have hired the best talent available in your market. What can you do to keep them engaged and happy in the long run? We all know the saying “happy wife, happy life”; the same goes for your work team. If they aren’t fulfilled in their working environment, it will influence how they perform and interact with customers and co-workers. Many employers think the way to make their employees happy is by putting more money in their pockets. This may be a reasonable short-term solution, but if you don’t have a positive work environment and company culture, members will continue to be dissatisfied and will seek other employment. Creating a positive workplace is attainable, and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Involve team members in planning company fun days. This could mean bringing in their favorite dishes for a potluck or embracing their creative side with dress-up or spirit days. Many TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® locations have created “employee highlights boards” for sharing photos of people around the office celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and employees of the month.

It is also vital to periodically discuss employees’ desired career paths and goals. Let them know you have a desire to see them grow professionally, so if there are opportunities for them to flourish, don’t keep it to yourself.

These hiring tips will give you a head start on constructing a powerhouse team!

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