5 simple and effective tips for marketing your franchise

Marketing business salesWant to market your franchise location but not sure where to start? While it seems most people would consider themselves marketers, some marketing techniques may not be so straightforward. Depending on if you own a franchise with strict marketing rules, there are some easy and effective marketing tactics you can implement now which will usher in the leads!

Direct mail marketing. You arrive home from work and stroll to the mailbox to retrieve the mail. While sifting through your monthly bills, your eyes wander toward the coupons and postcards. Everybody loves a good coupon. Pair that with a visually appealing, one-message ad and you have a win-win situation. That direct mail postcard may linger on the kitchen table or counter while the consumer waits for the perfect opportunity to use it. Just be sure you’re message is aimed toward the appropriate demographics so that postcard lands in the proper consumer’s hand.

Social media. The social media world has evolved tremendously in just a few years since Facebook and Twitter’s inception. Nowadays, if you don’t have at least a Facebook page, you’re falling short of awesome. Start with creating an attractive Facebook page, complete with a unique, well-branded cover photo and profile photo showcasing your business. Fill in the About section completely with a blurb describing your business, your website URL and your address. Most importantly, post engaging content on a consistent basis! If you’re feeling really adventurous, throw in a Facebook contest to gain likes, or invest in a little Facebook advertising to garner additional traffic to your page.

Public relations. While most people shy away from local public relations for their business, it’s pretty simple and it’s free. If you aren’t well-versed in how to write a press release, do a little research online to learn how to construct a simple release. Press releases can be drafted to highlight various events or activities in which your franchise is involved including charity events, hiring news, franchise growth trends, or events your franchise will be hosting. Once you have your release drafted, research all the local media outlets including newspapers, magazines, broadcast news, and radio stations. Research each media outlet’s website to create a list of media contacts and newsroom emails. Send your press release to all the media contacts you’ve found. Follow up with your sources if necessary to see if they’re interested in running the story, then continue creating and establishing relationships with your contacts for future releases.

Online marketing. It may be a no-brainer, but having a website that showcases what your business offers is essential to secure your fair share of online leads. These days, people turn to the Internet to research a company and to find contact information or addresses. Like most consumer-faced advertising, it’s critical your website features photos which encompass what your business is all about, along with engaging and well-written content. Make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find a physical address for your location and a phone number in case they need to reach you. Add to that social icons if you have a Facebook or Twitter, or if you blog, so prospects can easily ascertain the additional engagement between your business and other customers.

Grassroots MarketingGrassroots marketing. This one is fun and easy to do. The first step is to create swag. By swag I mean creative and well-designed brochures or business cards for your business,  cool branded merchandise which people will actually wear or use (mugs, t shirts, bottle openers, pot holders, etc.), and other giveaways you can distribute. Depending on what your business concept are and to what audience you cater, think of places you might visit where you can leave behind these items for people to pick up, such as apartment complexes or the mall. If your business is sponsoring an event, pass out these items as well. Brainstorm other ways to get your name out there, such as renting a booth at local women’s expos, realtor trade expos, or bridal shows.  Join a local chamber and attend lunches or chamber-hosted events. Shake hands, pass out your business cards, and get traction in making a name for yourself in your community.

Having a franchisor who is invested in your success is vital. Knowing you can reach out to the marketing team for questions or assistance with any marketing tasks you’re considering is a key benefit to joining a proven system. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®/International, Inc., has a solid marketing support system which assists franchises in a variety of areas to create brand awareness for the growing business.

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