The joys of owning your own franchise

Written by Melanie Bergeron

Melanie Bergeron, chair TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®/ INTERNATIONAL, Inc.

Melanie Bergeron, chair for

When I first started my franchise, I remembered thinking what a relief to be spending all of my time and energy on my own business! I was amazed to see the harder I worked, the faster my business grew.  It was exciting to set goals for my little business and blow past them. If something wasn’t working, I simply tweaked it a little and tried something else. As the owner, it was satisfying to monitor progress and quickly see the results of changes I made — and as long as it was within the confines of my Franchise Agreement, I could make operational changes whenever I wanted, no permission needed! The sense of freedom was exhilarating.

There was huge joy in making my customers happy. I loved reading the reply cards and the positive feedback and sharing that with our frontline staff. I was proud of the positive workplace culture we built. I wanted people to look forward to coming to work, make them feel appreciated, and motivate them to be their best.

I also had the freedom to set my own hours! When I noticed that I wanted to work on my business ALL the time, I realized I had to pull myself back. This business was like my baby and I wanted to nurture and take care of it constantly.  While my friends were showing pictures of their new babies, I wanted to show them pictures of my new trucks — they were my babies!

Melanie with her first used truck in Atlanta 1987

Melanie with her first used truck in Atlanta 1987

Being a business owner gives you the ability to offer your services to help the community. The sense of community appreciation and simply giving back is very gratifying.

As I grew my franchise, I needed to add staff. It was so exciting! As I stepped back from the day- to-day processes, it allowed me to work on other parts of my franchise business that I really enjoyed.

I also had the comfort and confidence in knowing that if I had a question, or was stuck in a situation, I could call Home Office or one of my fellow franchisees. An email or a phone call would always provide a feasible solution to a problem; there is no need to reinvent the wheel when you are in a franchised business, as there’s a good chance someone else has already experienced that issue and successfully resolved it. I always felt supported and a part of a community that encouraged me to succeed!

The greatest joy about a franchised business is that you are in business on your own, but you are not alone – there is a wonderful network of support resources and experienced individuals available to assist you in your journey to success!

To learn more about the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise system and franchising opportunities visit our website.

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