California: Striking moving industry gold

When picturing California, many see warm sun shining, surfers stealing early morning hours to catch the first wave, and, of course, movie stars. But what about expanding a rapidly growing franchise moving company in the Sunshine State?

CAgoldBack in 1849, people flocked to California for the potential of striking it rich in gold, and we’re doing just the same. California has experienced its challenges in its effort to expand the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® brand, much like the first pioneers did to reach the other side of the treacherous Rockies to mine gold, but trust us, it’s worth it.

Why is California so different from other states? To start, it ranks first in its north/south span, and it has both sunshine and snow. But how are the people and businesses different? We started on a journey to find valuable statistics and applied them to what we’ve already learned.

The obstacles:

  • Finding people who encompass desire, passion, and grit to succeed
  • Business location/rent/utilities
  • Regulations

The rewards:

  • California is the first state to ever reach a trillion dollar-economy in gross state product
  • The city of Los Angeles is ranked the fourth largest economy in the United States compared to other states
  • The state motto is “Eureka!” A Greek word meaning “I have found it!” The motto was adopted in 1849 and originates from the discovery of gold in the Sierra Nevada.

For California to be the first state to ever reach a trillion dollar economy, and have a city with the largest economy, that’s a pretty big deal. We now see why they have the motto “Eureka!”

Potential! Opportunity! Revenue! Growth! People! It’s not on what we need to educate; it’s what we need to learn from future franchisees. How can we help you determine if these are things you want to capitalize on as an individual? When looking at a business, does it provide you the lifestyle you are seeking? Being a business owner isn’t easy, and you will need to work for the success you achieve; however, this fantastic opportunity is available, waiting to be capitalized upon.

What we’re talking about is a $15.5 billion industry with a low concentration of providers. Moving is not a fad and will never go away or be outsourced abroad. With recent profit recovery and increased demand, people are now starting to see what we’ve known all along and are entering the moving industry. But, again, it’s not easy. And challenges will arise, but we have the tools and resources in place to help you succeed.

If you are interested in turning a challenge into a great business opportunity and want to learn more, visit our website.

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