My Mother, the Business Leader

Written by Kelly Rogers

Kelly Rogers, franchise development director

Kelly Rogers, franchise development director

I have the honor each and every day to wake up to a world where I have an adoring and supportive husband and family, three beautiful children, and an incredible workplace full of talented and kind colleagues. However, sometimes after waking up, the reality of juggling this full life hits me faster than a double shot of espresso (which I put in my travel mug before leaving for work each day!). Furthermore, being in franchise development takes me on frequent travel. While I love the adventure of new places and faces in support of this company’s growth, it means I must say goodbye to the sweet faces at home.

No matter where you stand on the working mother debate, we all struggle with finding balance at times between who we are as individuals and as mothers. On this note, I reached out to another working mom and Atlanta, Ga., franchisee in our system, Erin Whitty, to get her perspective on the topic. I was touched by her responses below.

How do you balance being a mother and now owning a growing franchise?  

All mothers share the responsibility of maintaining balance. Whether you’re balancing kid-time versus spouse-time, spending equal time with multiple children, balancing the oh-so-busy after school schedule, or the never ending balance of work versus home, it’s my opinion that you can only maintain a sense of balance in any of these areas with help from others.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a supportive family (like I do!), we’re talking spouse, parents, etc., they will help you achieve and maintain a sense of balance but you have to empower yourself to ask for their help. It’s the only way I’ve survived “balancing” a growing business and the most important job in the world, being a mother!

What do you hope your children learn from you both as a mother and a business woman? 

Erin Whitty, franchisee

Erin Whitty, franchisee

One of the gifts of humanity is legacy. Each of us is given the opportunity to influence the lives of the people that we encounter and, most significantly, our children. My hope and dream is that, as a mother and a business woman, I model to my children a spirit of determination and self-discipline balanced by compassion and honesty they will want to imitate.

Like Erin, I have an extended support team and a family-friendly work environment, and we somehow manage to make it work. As a result, I get to come to work daily with my team member, Noelle Burak, another hard working mom, to partner with people like Erin in growing our franchise system.

And just as Erin’s children get to learn from her qualities as a leader, my children get to watch my passion and business acumen in action as I share stories with them at dinner. I’ve worked hard to get here, and they know this. And no matter what they decide to do with their lives, I hope they carry a little pride and every once and a while think proudly, “That’s my mother, the business leader.”

I’ll always be their mom first, but I have this other piece of me to offer them, and I can see it is making a positive impact on their development.

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