Written by Brig Sorber, CEO of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®/INTERNATIONAL, Inc.

Heavy-lifters (and Heavy-sitters for that matter) are nothing new. Pick up a Bible and read what the author King Solomon penned about the twosome 3,000 years ago. His descriptions of both are peppered throughout the 31 chapters of Proverbs.

Heavy-lifters move the world forward. You will not just find them at work. They build things for the benefit of all— little league teams, playgrounds, coat and food drives, and the list goes on. They come from every socioeconomic background, political preference, color, race, sex, and age. Being an ass-kicker (oops, semantics), I mean heavy-lifter, is a mindset. A personal choice. For starters, a heavy-lifter makes no excuses for not trying: I’m too poor, young, old, uneducated, etc. They move positive things forward for the good of all by using their time, talent, and treasure.

Unfortunately, heavy-lifters are few and far between. I bet only 20 percent of our population are made up of these people. Without them our businesses, communities, and societies would fall into chaos. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, I believe, has a much higher ratio of lifters than sitters. We continually invite heavy-lifters to join our team because it’s about so much more than the name. It’s about what a heavy-lifter represents. It’s about finding people who naturally embrace the adventure of business, be the best they can be, live up to the definitions above, challenge themselves to grow, and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Through this mindset and action, we will grow this company like no other: We will provide for ourselves and our families, and we will have a lot of fun in the process.

What else would explain our march to world domination in the moving industry with a 96 percent customer referral rate (we are not always humble)? In contrast, a heavy-sitter is a person or entity which tries to copy our name and logo, confusing online customers by trying to misrepresent our brand. They just do not understand the work of heavy-lifters.

We celebrate and reward heavy-lifters in our system. At our new corporate headquarters we dedicated an entire hallway to these difference makers. Heavy-lifters at work are problem solvers, not just problem finders. They walk right around heavy-sitters when it comes to signing up for professional development, participating in meetings, volunteering for work groups, helping out in training, and taking care of customer and co-workers’ needs.

A healthy work environment will not only allow growth for heavy-lifters but will magnify their contributions. This kind of environment also serves as an incubator for more heavy-lifters to be identified. When lifters outnumber the sitters the bar is raised. The whole environment becomes a warm, friendly, high energy machine. There is no place for a sitter to hide. They will need to make a change to join the energy or to leave it. Heavy-lifters:

  1. TMATSPRING2013232-2627595220-OAre servers; willing to put themselves second
  2. Need goals for both company and career growth
  3. Need to be heard; they have ideas for growth and problem-solving
  4. Need to be celebrated not for themselves as much as being an example for others
  5. Need to be paid; heavy-lifters have big plans for their families and are givers in the community

If you are lacking heavy-lifter numbers in your workplace you have your own decision to make; be a heavy-lifter yourself to change the environment, or slug along hoping that some outside source will lift you up. Author Max Lucado said it best, “It is wiser to look in the mirror before you peek out the window.” I bet Max Lucado is a heavy-lifter!

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