The importance of hiring a marketing manager

Are you considering purchasing your own franchise business? Franchising can certainly be rewarding, both personally and financially – even more so if you know in advance the key employees you’ll need to hire to set yourself up for short-term and long-term success.

When starting your business, many personnel positions are obvious first priorities. You’ll definitely need frontline employees who interface directly with customers – which means cashiers for a retail store, waitresses for a restaurant, or movers and drivers for a moving company. General or operations managers are also evident priorities; these are the individuals who oversee daily operations and their roles are absolutely critical to your success.

Hiring a marketing manager is typically a lower priority on the franchisee’s to-do list. This position is typically thought of as a “someday” hire – someday when business is good, someday when revenue is flowing, or someday when the business is large enough to warrant employing a full-time marketing manager. Logical thinking, right? Think again. You may think it’s counterintuitive to spend a sizeable marketing manager salary when your business is just starting out and revenue is still a bit erratic– but this is actually when you need a marketing professional most. The fact is many operators can save themselves a heavy dose of headaches and ensure much better and faster brand awareness and lead generation (thus revenue) by hiring a marketing manager sooner rather than later.

Marketing managers solve the essential question, “What is happening outside of my building?” It’s the job of the operations team and management staff to see everything in the building and ensure the daily operations – employee scheduling, customer service issues, truck maintenance, and safety– run smoothly. Typically, especially during busy periods, that means marketing planning and execution gets pushed to the back burner again and again, to be handled when some free time finally becomes available. However, the fact is that in a thriving TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise, free time is rare, and marketing is far too important to set aside until there’s free time. Marketing is an essential function of franchise operation, possibly one of the MOST important functions; after all, marketing drives customers and customers drive revenue. And what’s more important than driving revenue?

IFE A marketing manager will ensure your brand quickly establishes a local presence via networking events, grassroots marketing efforts, referral relationship building, and executing effective awareness advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness. Unlike a general manager who is challenged with juggling urgent operations, personnel, and customer service issues, a dedicated marketing manager can truly focus on promoting the brand. This includes focusing on building relationships within the community via cause marketing efforts, charity events, brand presence at popular hyper-local events such as fairs, festivals and parades, regular visits to potential referral sources, and presence at major local trade shows.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has seen a recent system-wide increased focus on hiring marketing managers and coordinators. Currently nearly one-third of U.S. locations employ a marketing manager, coordinator, or sales and marketing manager. Dozens more employ marketing interns either as temporary summer positions or year-round. Some franchise operators were unsure where to even start when hiring a marketing manager, but the Home Office marketing team will assist in everything from creating a job description, phone-interviewing candidates, and creating a fair compensation plan for your region of the country.

Good luck in your search for the perfect franchise to suit your interests, skills, and background. We hope you’ll consider TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. With 56 consecutive months of growth and still plenty of opportunity in high-potential markets, the Movers Who Care® could be the perfect franchise future for you!

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