Going into business with your spouse

When you think of wedded bliss, do you picture the demands, time, and stress of running a successful business with your spouse? Although it may seem like a lot to take in – everything revolving around your business in addition to the everyday stresses of taking care of your family and running a smooth household — it’s an endeavor which can be very rewarding and worth the financial and personal risk.

For some, it may seem like too much. Many married couples prefer to separate work from family life. However, the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® system sees many married couples run successful, multi-unit franchises and learn to grow a marriage within a new normal!

Several franchisee couples have found their skill sets complement each other, allowing them to split responsibilities in the business. In addition to complimenting each other’s skill sets, many married couples embody and show strong passion for the company’s strong community values and core principles.

For example, take longtime Franchisees Brooke and Les Wilson.

Les worked as a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® mover while in school at the University of South Carolina. He eventually became general manager of the Columbia, S.C. franchise. Les thrived on the daily interactions with the movers, drivers, and customer service representatives. He also loved providing customers with excellent customer service, and realized he could see a viable career in this industry.Brooke and Les

Les teamed up with a group of investors and purchased the rights to the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise in Charlotte, N.C., just after graduating from college in 1999. In September 2004, Les partnered with his wife, Brooke (who started her TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® career as a customer service representative) to open the Durham, N.C., franchise. From there , the married duo continued expanding their franchise profile throughout the east coast. They added Henry County, Ga., January 2007, Eastern North Carolina January 2008, South Fulton, Ga., October 2008, Raleigh, N.C., November 2012, Bethesda, Md., November 2013, and Columbia, Md., April 2014.

Originally, the Wilson’s decision to work together as a couple was out of necessity more than anything. Brooke was the primary customer service representative in the franchise and Les managed the move crews and performed onsite move consultations.

“We realized within three months that the business and our marriage was suffering as we were simply spread too thin,” said Les. “We hired our first customer service representative and then a full-time move consultant within the next few months to ensure not only the success of the business but our sanity as well.”

As they soon found out, their business relationship thrived because their business strengths complemented each other beautifully.

“She is detail-oriented and I am more of the extroverted ‘sales guy’,” said Les. “She has always managed the financial end of the business while I have concentrated more on the sales and operations side.”

Having separate areas of focus and balancing each other out at the workplace sounds easy, right?

“The challenging part comes when things are not operating in an optimal fashion,” said Les. “When this occurs, the issues can and will come home with you and any points of contention can spill into your personal life.”

Les recommends husband-wife business owners keep work at work, and focus on one another’s business strengths while at the office.

“I operated a successful TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise before Brooke became involved in the business. With her help and attention to detail, our level of success has sky-rocketed and has taken our locations to levels that I could never have imagined, nor accomplished without her,” said Les. “The reason we have been successful in business is our compatibility. My weaknesses are Brooke’s strengths and vice versa. Our marriage has worked because we have stayed fairly successful in ‘leaving it at work.’”

The Wilsons are excited to continue growing their successful TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® operations. They plan to continue improving processes and hiring on team members to take their franchises to new levels. Once these goals are accomplished, they will consider expansion options to determine what markets work best for their teams to thrive.

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Franchise with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®

Has TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® captured your interest? The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise system is the largest, fastest growing franchise brand with an integrated way to run a moving franchise. We are constantly investing millions annually to improve our operating system. With a proven track record of growth and the highest customer service referral rate in the industry, we are posed for even more success in the coming years. We are setting records at all levels and whether you are an accountant, insurance agent, doctor, or CEO, we have the system and results for those looking to invest and own their own business.

It’s important to understand TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® views their franchisees as long-term partners. The partnership is between the franchisee and Home Office to strengthen the brand and its success. The partnership between franchisees and Home Office requires a large amount of communication and engagement. We work daily to move our franchisees, customers, and communities forward.

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