Franchisees: Why you should be involved in your franchise system

Business owners bring a passion for their organization and a core purpose to the business they select. A majority of business owners have the same two goals: to be successful and make money. In order to achieve your goals and stay up-to-date on industry news, it’s important to stay involved in the franchise system in which you’ve invested.

Brooke and Les Wilson are a multi-unit franchisee duo with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® locations in North Carolina, Georgia, and Maryland. Brooke and Les have taken advantage of opportunities and have gotten heavily involved in the franchise world, resulting in measurable success for their businesses.

Staying involved with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®

Take the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® TEAM advisory council for example. TEAM serves as a liaison between Home Office and franchisees. Brooke and Les both serve on the TEAM board, with Brooke representing the Mid-Atlantic region while Les represents the Northeast region. Their involvement on TEAM keeps them updated on TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® happenings and gives them a voice to represent their regions. Brooke and Les are able to use the TEAM partnership with Home Office executivTwo Men and a Truckes to seek and share information from both Home Office and other franchisees.

In addition to serving on TEAM, Brook and Les put in a conscious effort to work with members on their executive team, location managers, and strategic business partners. Maintaining close relationships with your executives is a great way to keep everyone involved in your franchise and ensures everyone is on the same page. To aid the success of your business, form close relationships with your executive staff and create an atmosphere for open communication. This way, you will learn if there are any problems before they become bigger issues.

Staying involved and “in the know” about the franchising industry

Both Brooke and Les are deeply involved in the International Franchise Association (IFA), and are currently members of FAN, the Franchise Action Network. Their involvement with the IFA and FAN allows Brooke and Les to learn an enormous amount of information and best practices from other franchising leaders. Brooke and Les have plans to share their experiences with the rest of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® system to encourage other franchisees to become involved with the IFA.

“We have all made a significant investment both financially and personally to make our business as successful as possible. Staying engaged in our system is the best way to make sure that we as franchisees are working with the franchisor to ensure success for both parties,” said Les. “When an issue arises, there is a pretty good chance that someone else in the system has also experienced a similar occurrence and thus an answer can be as simple as picking up the phone.”

The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® system has created an open line of communication between franchisees and Home Office. The support system we have created helps franchisors and managers form relationships with others in the system they can reach out to when a problem arises, saving a vast amount of time and money learning a lesson someone may already be able to help with.

Getting employees involved your businessBrooke Les

“Our employees are constantly asked for feedback about a plethora of topics,” said Les. “Some may be mundane in nature, while others can be very impactful, but all are meant to improve performance and ultimately their experience as members of our team. Happy employees make successful employees.”

The more you get involved with the franchising industry, your franchise brand, and the entire system of franchisees, the more you will learn and create a healthy, successful business. The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise system is the largest, fastest-growing moving franchise in the country. To learn more about our franchising opportunities visit

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