Hiring exceptional employees and creating opportunities for career advancement

Being a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisee allows you to not only own and run a successful business, but provides the fulfilling opportunity to help establish and grow your team members’ careers. At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® our core purpose is to move people forward. It’s not just a phrase that we post on our wall, but rather something our franchisees and teams embody and live every day. We don’t only move peoples’ belongings, we want to ensure we move our frontline staff forward, not only personally but also professionally. In fact, 75% of our managers started in frontline positions and moved into management because they were passionate about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® and had a strong support system to encourage them along the way.

One of our leading franchise teams, the Judson group, which has locations across the country from Salt Lake City to Boston, embodies our core purpose and is continually looking for team members who have what it takes to be Move Heroes. We met with them to learn what they look for in talented employees as well as how to ensure employee retention at their franchise locations.


Q: What type of career opportunities are available at your franchises?

A: We really have endless career opportunities at our locations across the nation. In fact, we have some franchise partners now that started out being movers. For example, Jeff Lodike and Steve West are our friends and business partners who are currently busy opening their Sioux Falls franchise location. Jeff started as a driver and eventually became our move manager while Steve came on as a dual general manager. Sioux Falls will be the first franchise location in South Dakota and marks the 39th state for brand presence and we can’t wait to see what they do.

Q: What type of qualities do you look for in applicants?

A: Drive, ambition, and confidence are the three most important qualities we look for in every position.

Q: What do you do to move people forward in your franchise locations?

A: Our goal is to not only hire employees to exceed our customers’ expectations but we also want to give them the opportunity to learn and succeed in their own career paths. With every person we hire, our ultimate goal is for them to become a partner.

Q: Now that you’ve found talented employees, how do you successfully retain employees and keep them happy?

A: It’s all about the culture. It’s vital to make your business the one that’s fun to go to everyday and that people are proud to be part of. The key is to really listen to what your employees and partners are saying.

Q: What is your biggest strategy when it comes to recruiting for jobs? What has been the most successful?

A: I would say our most successful avenue has been reaching out to local colleges. We will get a lot of applicants this summer from the local community colleges we’ve visited since it is a perfect summer job that can later turn in to a career. Lately, we have had a lot of success with applicants from military organizations since their core values align so perfectly with ours.

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