Knowles trio takes TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchising opportunities by storm

The beginning

Larry Knowles, Jeff Knowles, and Ryan Knowles are a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisee trio with six locations in Florida. Larry, Jeff and Ryan’s father, conducted his first move in March 1993. Since then, his footprint has expanded with the help of sons Jeff and Ryan.

Nineteen years after their first franchise opened, the family has taken their business by storm and expanded the brand in Florida with six locations in Tampa, Pasco, and Spring Hill.

Together, the Knowles family, who are Michigan natives, tells an interesting story.

Larry’s friend, Duane, was a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisee who loved the system and had great success as a small business owner. It didn’t take Duane much time to convince Larry to open a franchise in Tampa, Fla. After all, Larry is a CPA with a diverse background in accounting which was a huge draw when he considered starting his own business.

“The thought of getting out of the Michigan winters and running my own business was very appealing,” said Larry. “It was a little scary moving to Florida without knowing anyone.”

Larry picked up his family and moved to Florida at the end of 1992. Little did he know how much his life would change and how much success would be achieved as a business owner.

Expanding their business

Five years after Larry’s franchise opened, Jeff became involved in the business. Ryan saw the opportunities TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® offered and joined his family members a few years after Jeff. Once Larry’s sons joined him, the dream team was created, and they were able to significantly increase the number of trucks and franIMG_0240chise locations.

“With them on board we became more efficient, I would recommend anyone starting a franchise to have a family member working full-time in operations,” said Larry. “Right now, we have five relatives working with us, at one time we had six!”

Jeff reminisced on their team communication and giving back to their employees.

“We’ve been lucky enough to have three minds tackling issues,” said Jeff. “We communicate well (most of the time) and this communication has taken a vital role in our success. Our management is eager and confident and can see the big picture at the end of the day. Not only are our managers great, our frontline staff – movers, drivers, customer service representatives — are, too. Our frontline lives out the core values and we give back to them because of it. Without our frontline, we’d be out of business. Sometimes that’s easy to forget.”

The future

It’s clear that talking about future business plans excites Larry, Jeff, and Ryan and they are eager to continue expanding their footprint even more. As a system, we’re excited to see what is in store for the Knowles family!

“We’ve been blessed to have great employees in place that we trust and are extremely confident in,” said Jeff. “It’s exciting to watch them grow as managers and hopefully franchisees.”

The Knowles invest a lot in their employees which is why we believe they’ve continued to see success through the years. To learn more about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisees subscribe to our blog.

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