Six things to think about when considering franchising

Written by Jessy Howe

The thought of becoming a franchisee might have crossed your mind a time or two, and for good reason. Franchising is a growth business model filled with immense opportunity for you! With a proven track record of success and more people wanting to own their own business, the popularity continues to grow.

With more than 30 years of experience and continuous year-over-year growth, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the fastest-growing franchised moving company in the country with more than 330 locations worldwide. While getting involved with a successful franchise company is exciting, are you prepared?

Below are six things to consider before joining a franchise system.

Learn the basics
If you wish to be successful, invest the time to learn and fully understand franchising. Do your research and become familiar with franchising terms, the business model, and what becoming a franchisee entails. Read up on success stories and industry news to educate yourself and ensure you have realistic expectations of the opportunity.

Choose the right fit
It is imperative to understand the brand expectations, capability, support, and success. Look at the sustainability of the model and track record of success to help determine if it is the best fit for you. Additionally, explore the brand beyond the numbers. Are they involved in their community? Do they donate to charity?

Assess your needs
Develop a comprehensive business plan that determines timelines, budgets, a competitive analysis, organizational charts, and in-depth details. It is also crucial to understand the start-up costs needed to get your franchise off the ground.

Identify trends
Evaluate the overall health and trends of the brand you are considering franchising with. Identify the success at all levels and in all states/locations. Often times you can speak with already established franchisees and compare how various franchises operate. If the business is more of a fad and will not sustain in the next five-10 years, consider investing your time, energy and money elsewhere.

Establish the opportunities
Determine the unique opportunities, both in business and personally, that the franchise system will be able to provide you. Is there opportunity for growth or expansion? Do your values align with the core values of the brand? Does the business model support your needs long term? Find out the answers to important questions such as these early on.

Be passionate
If you are not energized by the opportunity, it probably is not the right path for you. If you are not passionate and dedicated to what you are going to do, it will be difficult to find happiness and success in your business.

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® our core purpose is to move people forward. We love to serve our communities and our system holds a long tradition of giving back to communities in which we work and live. After our founder Mary Ellen Sheets’ first year in business, she donated her profits to 10 different charities.

Franchising with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® we are a system of one. One of the strengths that sets us apart from other franchise brands is the level of support provided to both new and existing business owners. In order to best assist franchise teams running various aspects of their business, the corporate office employs subject matter experts in all fields. When signing on as a new franchisee, you receive business startup support including business planning sessions, onsite start-up team, webpage development, vendor partners and contacts, recruitment support, and so much more.

If you are interested learning more about franchising with us, visit Consider investing in us and becoming a franchisee today!

3 thoughts on “Six things to think about when considering franchising

  1. Really good blog, energetic and interesting – not often I read a post to the end (and as a blogger myself I know what a compliment that is). Thanks again and best wishes to two men and a truck sounds great.

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