TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® on track for landmark year after successful Q1

TWO MEN AND A TRUCKThe momentum of a record-breaking 2015 has continued throughout Q1 at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® as we celebrate 60 consecutive months of record growth and focus on the second quarter.

During the first quarter of the year, we achieved a 7.64 percent increase in growth compared to this time frame in 2015. Locations in South Carolina also experienced tremendous growth, boasting a 22.66 percent increase in revenue at the end of March. We are proud to have opened three new locations in California, which led to 56 percent growth in the state; two locations open in Virginia; one location in Ohio; and one location in Texas. Franchisees also opened secondary offices in Michigan, Florida, and California.

Opening a new office each week in Q1 made our fourth annual Career Move Month more important than ever. This month-long hiring initiative is geared to help locations nationwide prepare for the busy summer months and concluded with record numbers. In the month of March, we welcomed 1,207 new team members! Locations across the country received a total of 9,814 applications, a 16 percent growth from Career Move Month 2015.

President Randy Shacka says a big factor in the brand’s consistent growth is the commitment to all levels of staff. The employee count at Home Office surpassed 200 in Q1, further adding support for the entire franchise system on a national level.

“Not many brands can claim this kind of success, and it’s a testament to the fact that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is a brand that embraces our franchisees and employees, empowering them to grow with the company,” Shacka said. “Quarter after quarter, we have consistently surpassed our goals by focusing on solidifying and investing in our support and infrastructure and on constantly improving our customer service, which will continue to be our focus for the rest of this year and beyond.”

As we continue to expand, internal adjustments were also made in early 2016 to assist in moving even more customers forward. We expanded our customer relationship center, moving to a new building allowing for growth and enabling us to better serve our customers, especially those looking for moving services after traditional office hours.

Keeping customers at the forefront of all we do year after year, has allowed our customer service scores to remain strong and at a record high across the entire system. This year’s first quarter was no exception — from January through March, 21 franchises maintained a 100 percent referral rating.

“This was an important quarter for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. In late February, we had the pleasure of welcoming more than 500 franchisees, managers, and vendors to our company’s annual meeting to discuss best practices for the brand. They left feeling reenergized and more motivated than ever to make the rest of 2016 just as momentous as the first three months of the year,” said Jeff Wesley, Chief Executive Officer of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. “Our motivation to build upon this success during the second quarter is high as we look to constantly grow and serve our loyal customers.”


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Balancing business and family, how franchisee duo makes it work

Written by Jessy Howe

Windemuller Family

Multi-unit franchisees Joe and Kate Windemuller are veterans in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® system, having been with the company from nearly the beginning. Joe’s journey began when he accepted a part-time position as a mover in 1991, just three years after the first franchise had been awarded. With his continued dedication to the system and a series of career advancements, he and Kate excitedly took on the opportunity to become franchisees in North Carolina. The pair was a recipient of the Two Million Dollar Club Award at the 2016 TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Annual Meeting and recently was honored during the company’s 30th anniversary celebration.

Can you briefly explain your history with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®?

Joe: During college, in 1991, I started as a part-time mover for the Holland, Mich., franchise. In 1995, I moved to Columbia, S.C., to help a friend start the franchise there. I started as a driver, then moving up to general manager as the business grew. After 18 years in Columbia, Kate and I heard that the Winston-Salem, N.C., location was for sale and we were ready to take on the challenge of owning our own business. In 2012, we purchased the location and moved with our one-year-old daughter to North Carolina. We then added a second location in 2014 in Mooresville, N.C. We hope to open a third location in the future.

Windemullers with Truckie

What do you most enjoy about being a franchisee with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®?  

Joe and Kate: We enjoy watching our franchises grow alongside other franchises in the system. It also gives us flexibility in life to enjoy our family and be financially sound.

What would you say is the best part of working with your significant other?  

Joe: We both have different skill sets which complement each other. Kate handles the bookkeeping, accounts payable, and marketing, while I handle operations, sales, and training.

Kate: It is great knowing you have someone you can truly trust to help make big key decisions in the business. The executives at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®/International, Inc., and other franchisees have been great examples that working with your spouse is possible, and can also be extremely beneficial.

How do you find balance between your work life and personal life?

Kate: We try to keep work at work, although it’s hard to do so all the time. Joe works full-time and is very involved in all aspects of the business. I work part-time while the kids are in preschool. We make sure to set aside quality time to be with our children, while having enough time to get our work completed.

As successful business owners, what do you hope to teach your children?

Joe and Kate: From a business perspective, we hope to instill a strong work ethic and ability to work well with others. Also, the importance to set goals in life and follow through on tasks to achieve said goals. To never give up and never stop dreaming.

Windemuller Family

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, can you tell us about your local Movers for Moms® efforts?

Joe and Kate: As parents we are honored to help moms in need and can’t think of anyone more deserving. We hope that our efforts will help struggling mothers to get back on their feet again and help care for their children and future.

In Winston Salem, our collection of donations will be given to Family Services. To collect donations we have partnered with several local retirement homes, storage facilities, and our customers. In Mooresville our donations will be given to My Sisters Place in Troutman, N.C., and to Family Guidance in Hickory, N.C. To collect donations we have partnered with a local church and elementary school as drop off sites.

Kate, how do you juggle being a wife, mother, and business owner?

Kate: I’ll be honest, it’s hard to find the perfect balance and some days I juggle life better than other days! My kids, ages two and five, are without a doubt my top priority so I wish I could be with them 24/7, but I also want to be involved in the business. It’s exciting to be a part of the growth that Joe’s achieved with our teams in Winston and Mooresville. We work with some great folks so that helps with the time away from the kids. We are blessed to have a wonderful nanny and involved grandparents that take care of the kids while we are both working or traveling for work. When I am at home I try my best to put the phone and laptop away, while they are awake, and just focus on our family. But when the kids go to sleep, we often have to chat about work or hop online to complete some tasks.

Are there any special plans this Mother’s Day?  

Kate: Hopefully a low key day outside somewhere with Joe and our kids … and dinner out (so I don’t have to cook or clean!)


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Three generations of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® businesswomen

Written by Jessy Howe

Shayna, Lisa, and Connie of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Macomb County, Mich.

Shayna, Lisa, and Connie of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Macomb County, Mich.

In 1991 Connie Howe made the decision to quit her day job and become a franchisee, opening the doors of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Macomb County, Mich. As she began to grow the location, it naturally evolved into a family-run business. Now with a fleet of 12 trucks and three generations later, the location is about to celebrate their 25th anniversary!

Connie’s daughter and now franchisee, Lisa Gaber, remembers helping her mother from the very beginning when she had decided to join the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® system.

“I began by working at home, out of my basement, because I was raising two young daughters. The guys would start the day by coming to my home, where I would hand them the paperwork and ‘dispatch’ for the day! I have done pretty much every job there is to do from driving, moving, packing, marketing, bookkeeping, and managerial duties,” said Gaber. “After several years, my mom and I decided to venture out and open another franchise in Florida. We owned and operated the Fort Myers, Fla., franchise for 13 years until we sold the location to make it easier for Connie to retire.”

After deciding to sell the Fort Myers franchise, Connie’s son Dave became the newest family member to join the team. Most recently, they opened a secondary location within the Macomb County borders, even further expanding the brand and serving their community.

“Working with my mom allowed us to learn together how to run a business from the ground up,” said Gaber. “It helped us grow both as businesswomen and as a family entirely.”

Gaber’s daughter, Shayna, now has the same opportunity to learn what it takes. Shayna began six years ago as a customer service representative before working her way up to an in-home consultant. She currently works as the marketing manager handling a wide range of responsibilities including grassroots efforts, social media, and cause marketing campaigns.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s annual Movers for Moms® campaign is in full swing with more than 300 franchises collecting essential care items for moms in need. The items are then delivered to local women’s and family shelters just in time for Mother’s Day. With their 25 year history in the community, they are no stranger in helping support it.

“The past couple of years we have been working with two different shelters since we have such a large territory. The first is Turning Point, Inc., which is a shelter for women and children that have been victims of domestic violence. Our second shelter, which we started working with last year, is a non-profit that we are very involved in and actually do two moves weekly for. Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team, or MCREST, is a traveling shelter that has local churches host them weekly with food, shelter, and transportation. Last year, we had incredible community and staff participation and were able to deliver TONS of boxes of amazing gifts to both shelters,” shares Gaber of their local Movers for Moms® efforts. “It holds a special place in our hearts to help mothers as we are in a business and franchise both started and run by women.”

While some find it hard to even imagine working with their family, the three women have proven how to successfully make it work.

“We’ve worked all these years together without an argument or even mild disagreement,” said Howe. “It has been a very great experience to work with my family.”

Like her mother, Gaber is appreciative that it has been relatively easy for the family to work together without much strife.

“We get along well and have found a good balance in our positions,” said Gaber. “One of the most difficult things about working with so much family is knowing when to ‘turn it off’ and stop talking about work and enjoy family time together.”

Lisa and Connie enjoy golfing and traveling, while Shayna and Lisa find fun in cooking and simply spending time together. As for Mother’s Day celebrations, you’ll find the trio eating brunch and spending a quiet afternoon relaxing in each other’s company.

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More than 300 franchises are working to make Mother’s Day special for those in need

Written by Jessy Howe

Did you know 60 percent of homeless women are mothers? We believe all moms should feel loved, regardless of their circumstances, each and every day, but especially on Mother’s Day. Our annual Movers for Moms® program works to support moms impacted by domestic violence and homelessness who may be living in women’s and family shelters. In 2015 more than 230,000 essential care items were collected and delivered to shelters providing joy and support to women in need.

Each spring, more than 300 franchises in 39 states participate and partner with local businesses and organizations to collect essential care items including soap, lotion, toothpaste, and more. Together with our generous donation partners, we hope to collect more than 250,000 items this year!

Right around the time of Mother’s Day, our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® teams will pick up the donated essential care items and deliver them to hundreds of local women’s and family shelters across the country, just in time for Mother’s Day.

“Protecting and supporting domestic violence victims is a community-wide responsibility,” said YWCA West Central Michigan CEO Carla Blinkhorn. “We were deeply touched and heartened by the generous outpouring that the Movers for Moms® campaign brought forth.”

“With the help of our dedicated community partners like TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® and its Movers for Moms® program, our agency was able to continue our tradition of giving our clients a basket filled with personal care and cleaning supplies,” said Volunteer Coordinator Sherry Martens with the Center for Women in Transition based in Holland, Mich. “Receiving a basket full of products, we think of as staples, is like receiving luxuries to those on a limited budget. Each May Basket gives a sense of renewed hope … a feeling that their community cares for them.”

We’re proud to live out our core value of giving back to the community, not just during the Movers for Moms® program, but year round.

If you would like to learn how you can support moms in need in your local community, or find a donation drop off location, please visit and like us on Facebook to stay updated with current program happenings!

Congratulations 2016 Annual Meeting Frontline MVP award winner, Jarrid Watts

Written by Hannah Conlin

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK 2016 MVP Winner Jarrid Watts

Each year, the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Home Office seeks nominations for the Frontline MVP awards presented at the company Annual Meeting. These awards are given to two individuals who embody the core values, provide exceptional customer service, and strive to move people forward each and every day. This year’s award recipients went above and beyond these guidelines to truly epitomize the notion of a “most valuable player.”

Jarrid Watts, marketing coordinator for the Flint and Waterford, Mich., locations, began his TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® career as a mover in March of 2012. While quickly moving up within the ranks to his current position as marketing coordinator, Watts worked to balance school and his career. In addition to working more than 45 hours each week for the franchise, he attended the University of Michigan.

“These days it is hard to come by truly genuine people,” said General Manager Wayne Lake. “People that don’t believe they are entitled to anything. Instead of waiting for something great to fall in their laps, they create greatness. Jarrid exemplifies this type of person every day. He not only excels in every position he is placed in, overcomes every obstacle put in his path, but he does it with more compassion for others than I have ever witnessed.”

This compassion is something Watts lives out each and every day, and an aspect he loves about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, as he believes one of the brand’s most beloved core values is what sets it apart from its competitors.

“My favorite TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® core value is hands down, The Grandma Rule®,” said Watts. “To me, this rule is a blanket for all of the other core values. If every day you come in and treat every person you come in contact with as if they were your grandparent, you are destined for success. Working for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is first and foremost a customer service job that just so happens to require you to move furniture. The Grandma Rule®, to me, is the foundation of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® and it is what truly sets us apart from others in the industry.”

During the summer of 2015, Watts was faced with an immense hardship, yet, he never lost his care, compassion, and commitment to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®.

“This past June, Jarrid’s father suffered a massive stroke,” said Lake. “For weeks Jarrid spent every waking moment either at work, school, or the hospital with his father. He was then responsible for not only his father’s medical care, but also his finances. He devoted his days off to running his father to doctor appointments, and going anywhere or doing anything else his father may have needed. Never once did Jarrid complain, ask for time off, show up to work late, or give anything less than 110 percent.”

In March, Watts, accompanied by his franchise team, traveled to Austin, Texas, to attend the 2016 Annual Meeting. On the last night of the event, Watts accepted his Frontline MVP Award from Chief Executive Officer Jeff Wesley, President Randy Shacka, and Chief Operating Officer Jon Nobis. This achievement is something Watts describes as irreplaceable.

“Winning this award has been such a surreal experience,” said Watts. “I am beyond blessed to work for such great folks, meaning Franchisees Russ and Jamie Scott, as well as all of the staff at our franchises. The opportunity they have given me to grow within their organization has been something I am forever grateful for. I never in a million years would have thought to be a nominee for this award, let alone win! In regards to what it means to me I can only think of one word, irreplaceable. It is one thing for your family to say they are proud of you or you are a nice person, but this took the term ‘pat on the back’ to a whole new level.”

During his acceptance speech, Watts encouraged every TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® employee to take pride in their work, their franchise, and the entire company.

“If you are someone that is trying to advance your career at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® there is only one word you need to remember and that is pride,” said Watts. “Take pride not only in the company you work for but take pride in your work and the outcome of your work. Whether you are a mover that takes pride in folding pads neater than anyone else on the crew, or an operations manager that takes pride in having high retention with their staff, or a marketer that takes pride in all the media hits they garnish, taking pride in your work will carry you a long way. Always try to learn and do the job above you, never settle for where you currently are because if you want to grow within the company and are willing to work for it, the opportunity will meet you where your preparation stops.”

Congratulations to Jarrid Watts! TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is so proud of you and cannot wait to watch your continued growth and success into the future.

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