TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® 2016 Year In Review

-Written by Erik Sargent

2016 is nearly in the books, and it was another outstanding year for the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® brand. We continued serving our loyal customers with top-notch moving services while continuing our growth as a franchise system, giving back to the community, staying focused on our core values, and most importantly – Moving People Forward!

The year was filled with endless highlights, from the top to bottom, and TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® once again showed the attributes that make it such a recognizable and successful company.

“2016 – like all years – had moments of great success that we can reflect upon as a systemjeff-wesley with pride,” said CEO Jeff Wesley. “I am excited and thankful for the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® system and its impact on customers which has allowed us to Move People Forward with more than 6 million moves and 82 months of consecutive growth. Together, we continue to innovate and align for more growth. The system and the team of people in it, continue to do the heavy lifting daily to build upon the opportunities and the vision ahead.”

Here’s a look back at some of the top moments from 2016.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® transports COPA American Centenario soccer team equipment

For the first time in 100 years, the COPA America Centenario soccer tournament – which features 16 national soccer teams across North America, Central America, and South America – was held in the United States. It was a nationwide event, and TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® was recruited to help make the event possible.lookback4

Selected by the logistics company Vasta and Associates, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® helped transport team equipment from airports to the game locations. Ten locations from California, Florida, Texas, and Washington were chosen to help with this massive move, and DOT and Fleet Safety Specialist Mark List from Home Office was chosen to coordinate the event.

These were not ordinary moves for the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® teams who worked this job, and it gave them a chance to experience a new kind of moving, while also interacting and meeting with international soccer stars behind the scenes.

Job Creation

The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® team continues to grow each and every year, and more and more people are joining on to move people forward. In 2016, the company hit 10,000 team members across all levels, a major milestone as we continue our growth.

This ties in closely with our Career Move Month campaign, which is held every March to help find new talent to fill multiple positions around the company, including managers, marketing and sales coordinators, movers, drivers, and customer service representatives.

With over 380 locations across the country, Career Move Month helps introduce many of the opportunities that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has to offer.

6 Millionth Move

With more than 30 years of moving experience and over 380 domestic and international locations supported by 2,700 trucks and 7,000 employees, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has established itself as one of the nation’s most recognized movers.

The company continues to grow with each passing day, and over the summer, reached yet another major milestone when the company celebrated its 6 millionth move at the Torrance, Calif., location.

Reaching the milestone move shows how far the company has come with investing and expanding on both the East and West coasts, and shows that the biggest moments are yet to come as the company continues to reach for higher goals.

Movers for Moms®

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, giving back to community is something we focus on each and every day, helping others in need, any way we can. One of our biggest campaigns is Movers For Moms®, which aims to help mothers in need by providing them with essential care items each spring.lookback2

It’s a program that each TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise runs across the country, and last year, we saw great success. One of the standout franchises was TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Las Vegas, who in their eighth year of participating, reached their highest collection year-to-date, delivering more than 7,100 donated items to Safe Nest Shelter.

“We set a goal of 5,000 items, and definitely exceeded that,” said Marketing Manager Jessica Quandt. “We had a lot of great partners this year who really went above and beyond and got involved. It was exciting to see our community come together, and enjoy the Movers for Moms® campaign as much as we do. Making Mother’s Day special for the lookback3women and families at Safe Nest was such a great feeling!”

Another franchise that stood out was TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Nashville, who exceeded their initial goal of collecting 2,000 items and resulted in nearly 3,800 donations for moms and their families.

“We really love Movers for Moms® here, because parenting alone is difficult,” said Marketing Director Jenni Hargrove. “The moms at Safe Haven Family Shelter also have to deal with a natural disaster, or home foreclosure, or escaping domestic violence or some other huge life-changing event on top of making sure their kids stay healthy and happy. It’s great to be able to make that job a little easier on them by collecting the supplies they need to get back on their feet.”

MVPs from the 2016 Annual Meeting

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is loaded with outstanding employees, from people working at the home office, to the team members out in the field, spread out around the country at nearly 400 franchise locations. Each year, Home Office seeks nominations from the franchises for Frontline MVP awards to be presented at Annual Meeting.

The awards are presented to those who display all of the characteristics that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® lives by – great customer service, moving people forward, and demonstrating the company Core Values daily. One of the Frontline MVP award winners was Jarrid Watts, who at the time, was the marketing coordinator for the Flint and Waterford franchise locations.lookback1

“Winning MVP in 2016 was such a great honor, one that I will always cherish,” Watts said. “To me, being MVP goes beyond doing ‘your job’, and beyond the line of complacency. Being an MVP is for those that go beyond the call of duty, and go the extra mile to exceed customer service expectations, not because of the value placed on such actions or the attention they might receive, but because that is who they are as a person.”

The second Frontline MVP winner was Charles Gutierrez of the Fayetteville, N.C., franchise. After starting off as a mover in 2009, Gutierrez worked his way through the system, and now is a trainer at the franchise.

Gutierrez showed all of the qualities that make TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® employees so great, and his commitment to the company was a big factor of why he was nominated.

“This award shows that hard work does pay off, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself,” said Gutierrez back in March. “I’m dedicated to my job, and perfecting my craft. It is extremely humbling and exciting to know that I was one of two Frontline MVP Award winners. I will never forget this moment.”


With so many great memories in 2016, seeing our employees advance, moving our customers forward, and supporting our local communities, we can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services, subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.

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