Kicking off the year with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisee resolutions

-Written by Erik Sargent


2017 is officially in full swing, and a new year means new resolutions for everyone. It’s important to set goals for yourself and have a vision for what you’d like to achieve in the coming year! Creating this image will provide a clear path for you and your team on what your goals are and how you’re going to get there.

For TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we regularly set goals along with tactics on how to achieve those, while measuring how we’re progressing throughout the year. With more than 380 locations, we are able to cast a broad net and impact a large number of people from coast to coast, and even internationally.

We asked a few of our franchisees across the country to share their resolutions for the New Year, focusing on what they want to see from their individual franchise in 2017.

Mark Snyir – Sacramento, CA

Motivation for 2017:mark-snyir

  • “To work toward providing employees of our company a comfortable living style, ensuring our customers have a pleasant moving experience, and achieving all goals set by us and Home Office.”

How are you looking to improve?

  • “We want to increase customer service and maintain the customer’s overall positive experience with our company. Seeing the newly hired management staff grow in 2017 will ultimately help with the long-term success of our location. We are opening our fourth location within the Greater Sacramento area, and that will enable us to serve customers who are currently too far away for us to provide services.”

What are you looking forward to as a franchise?

  • “Working together to add trucks and employees, and increasing overall customer satisfaction.”

Kate Windemuller – Winston Salem, NC/Mooresville, NC/Greensboro, NC

Motivation for 2017?kate-windemuller

  • “To continue to Move People Forward, both with customers and employees, and also our communities. We are happy to have been able to promote several employees recently, and hope to continue to develop their skill sets and advance others as well. The better the year we have in 2017, the more we can give back to the communities.

What are you looking forward to for 2017?

Nathan Bocock – Tallahassee, FL/Chesterfield, VA/Richmond, VA

Business Goals for 2017?nathan-bocock

  • “I am in business to run a great business. This means that I want to provide the absolute best service to our customers. I want to provide the best opportunities for every employee that works with us.”

What are you looking forward to as a franchise?

  • “I look forward to seeing the results of our hard work as we focus on the three things I mentioned above.”

Ryan Knowles – Pasco, FL/Tampa, FL/Ocala, FL/Pearland, TX

What is your motivation for the 2017 year?0026_knowles_ryan

  • “My main motivation for 2017 is to put together my best roster of movers and drivers by February for early March so that our staffing is 100 percent adequate by the time summer approaches. You can call me the Joe Maddon of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® in 2017.”

What are your business goals?

  • “I’m to have all four of our franchises be in the top 10 for AIE (internal list of system’s best franchises ranked by points system). I also want to earn a 98.7 percent reply card referral rate.”

How are you looking to improve as a franchise in the New Year?

  • “Staffing, staffing, staffing. We want to be prepared so that we can run at 100 percent maximization.”

What are you looking forward to as a franchise?

These are just four of the many outstanding people we have running TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchises across the country, and if everyone has the determination and drive they have going into this year, 2017 will be another major success for the company.

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