TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®Albuquerque franchise benefits from unique partnership

-Written by Erik Sargent


One aspect that keeps TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® at the forefront of innovation in the business world is the wide-range of backgrounds we bring on board to our constantly growing staff.

From top to bottom, we bring in individuals from every walk of life, creating a blend of mindsets and ideas that help us continue to run at an efficient pace, while keeping the same great process that brought us to this point.

This is consistently present with franchisees in our system, and some our youngest franchisees have been making strides in the right direction and continuing to grow the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® brand, like brothers Kevin, Curtis, and Steve Newman, who recently joined forces with Justin Tangeman and Tyler Whalen to purchase the Albuquerque, N.M., franchise.

The groups come from different backgrounds, but have proven to be a dynamic duo as they take on the franchise together.

“Between the three of us, we had no experience in the moving industry, so this was a big change for us,” Steve Newman said. “I had attended law school and worked for a large accounting firm, as well as a tax attorney. Curtis played college tennis and leveraged that experience to work as a tennis pro, and also a finance manager for a car dealership. Kevin worked for an investment company out of college doing data management, and went on to work for Wells Fargo in mortgage processing.”

The brothers purchased two franchises – San Antonio north and San Antonio west – and brought their various business experience into the moving industry.

For Tangeman and Whalen, they took a different route to franchising with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. Justin joined the system originally in June of 2008, and Tyler joined in March of 2010 before working their way up the company ladder to take over the Omaha, Neb., franchise.

“We both started as drivers for the Cedar Rapids location,” Tangeman said. “With the growth of the locations, we were able to take on more and more responsibility due to our motivation and commitment to customer service. We both always had the mindset of wanting to get to the next level and to be able to do as much as possible to run a franchise. We both have an unstoppable ambition to win.”

The partnership has shown immediate returns for the franchisees and for the system. Opening in 2015, the Albuquerque franchise posted 13.07%  growth in their first year of business, and is looking to continue that upward trend.

The two sides hit it off immediately and found common ground that has helped the transition run seamlessly, including the fact they are all originally from Iowa, and are big Iowa Hawkeye fans.


The Newman Brothers

“After further research, we discovered they are incredibly talented and great at what they do. We believed we could take Albuquerque to the next level with this collaboration, as well as improve our San Antonio operations, and they were thrilled to work with us,” Kevin Newman said. “It was a new process for all, but ultimately, it was pretty undramatic. Both of us wanted the same things, and we were open to suggestion and changes.”

Both Tangeman and Whalen relayed similar thoughts about the partnership, and pointed to each side having common ground to work with and how it made the process run smoothly.

“Tyler and myself have a lot in common with the Newmans,” Tangeman said. “Our strategies for growth, company culture, and offering opportunities for career advancement align very well. Sometimes I feel like we are all brothers – we get along extremely well, both personally and professionally.”


Justin Tangeman and Tyler Whalen

When deciding to partner up with another group of people to run business, there are endless factors that come into play.

Deciding on who will run what, who’s in charge of certain areas, and figuring out the chain of order are all discussions that need to be had, and for the Newman’s and Tangeman and Whalen, their relationship has provided numerous benefits as they work together.

“We have a great relationship with Tyler and Justin, and talk to them on a daily basis,” Kevin said. “They are primarily in charge of managing the franchise, but we all chip in when a problem or new situation comes up. The benefits of teaming up are far greater than we originally thought. There are so many different challenges in this industry, and having someone who you are close with who has also experienced similar problems is invaluable.”

Tangeman also pointed to the fact that all five people involved are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful as a franchise, and that selfless attitude by the franchisees has proven to be a productive game plan as they continue their expansion in New Mexico.

With Albuquerque being such a new franchise, and with the minds of the five people running it, the sky is the limit for where it can go. As the group focuses on Albuquerque, they have also been positioning positive growth numbers at their previous locations, showing just how effective they can be in the franchising system of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®.

Growth remains their number one goal, and the focus will continue to be capitalizing on the opportunities presented to them, and relying on each other for support.

“Growth, growth, growth is the goal,” Kevin Newman said. “We are incredibly confident in our frontline staff, and look for capitalizing on our opportunities.”

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