TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisees share how their fathers provided guidance in their lives


-Written by Erik Sargent

After celebrating Mother’s Day last month, it’s now time to celebrate another important day of the year – Father’s Day.

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we often talk a lot about the influence of a mother in our lives, but the role a father plays is equally important. Whether it’s grilling out in the backyard, going fishing, watching or playing a sport together, the memories and bonds people form with their fathers can last a lifetime.

Throughout our system, fatherly influence is felt in many of our outstanding employees and franchisees. With Father’s Day approaching this weekend, we took the time to reach out to our franchisees around the system, and learn the impact their dads had in their journey to becoming business owners.

How did the influence of your father shape you as a business owner?

Pete Ruffing“My father – who will be 97-years-old next month – was, and still is, a positive influence in my life. He is part of the Greatest Generation, and in his lifetime, experienced the Great Depression, served with the Marines in the South Pacific during World War II, and worked in the steel mills of Pittsburgh before accepting a position with Michigan State University and moving our family to Michigan. With all of this shaping his background, he instilled a strong work ethic with me and my siblings. We look back and joke that our childhood was a mixture of fun, family, and boot camp. I try to bring the fun and family, but not so much the boot camp part with our franchises.” Franchisee Pete Ruffing– Jacksonville (FL), St. Johns/Clay (FL)

Joe South“Growing up, my dad owned his own business. I used to watch him wheel and deal and think ‘that’s what I want to do’. He treated his employees like family, and went above and beyond to take care of them when they needed something.” Franchisee Joseph South – Mobile (AL), East Baton Rouge (LA), Lafayette (LA), Corpus Christi (TX)

“My father influenced me with his hard work and dedication. When I was Bryan Feldmangrowing up, he never missed a day of work, always arrived early and stayed late, and never complained about any situation or any person. I try every day to follow in his footsteps with my work ethic and dedication.” Franchisee Bryan Feldman – Greenville (SC), Spartanburg (SC), Tallahassee (FL), Richmond (VA), Chesterfield (VA), Charlottesville (VA)

What life lessons were you able to take away from your father?

Justin Tangeman“My dad told me that I would never get where I was going if I didn’t take the first step. I never really understood that when I was younger, but now I do. What he meant was nothing worth getting will ever be handed to me. I must put in the effort, and take the initiative to go after the things I want.” Franchisee Justin Tangeman –Omaha, NE, Lincoln (NE), Albuquerque (NM)

Curtis Newman“The life tip he taught me that means the most to me would be that as a business owner, you take 100 percent responsibility for all of your failures, and none of the praise for your success. If something did not go well, then you own it. If something went perfectly, it is because of your hard-working employees, who deserve the recognition.” Franchisee Curtis Newman –San Antonio (TX), Albuquerque (NM)

How has your father supported you on your journey to where you are today?

Joel Trost“My dad has been there for me from day one. When I took a management job at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® St. Louis as a real young guy, he was always there to support me. He still does today, life is just a little different now. I am 40 and married with three kids, and he is a great grandpa. My wife and I are lucky that my mom dad travel to visit us often.” Franchisee Joel Trost – Chicago 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (IL), Northfield (IL), Wheeling (IL), Portland (ME), Boston 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (MA), East Orange (NJ), Sioux Falls (SD)

0079_Bailey_Nick“We wouldn’t be here today without him. He had the management experience, the financial knowledge, and a lifetime of networking and relationship building to get this thing started. I was just a guy who had spent a couple of years on the trucks. If not for him, I can’t even speculate where I’d be today.” Franchisee Nick Bailey – Minneapolis South (MN), Shakopee (MN), South St. Paul (MN), St. Paul North (MN), Burnsville (MN), New Brighton (MN)

Martin Pollack“My dad has been my sounding board. As I have run into the road bumps, hurdles, and obstacles of building this business, he has been there to listen, provide feedback, or just tell me I’m doing a good job. The encouragement he has provided me and the advice he has given over the years has been priceless. He has reminded me that success in life does not come without sacrifice, and that the destination is not all we have to look forward to.” Franchisee Martin Pollack – Herndon (VA), Arlington (VA), Springfield (VA)

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