Why leaving your career and pursuing business ownership is worthwhile


Nearly everyone knows the feeling of sitting at your cubicle, frustrated at both your lack of productivity and the reason behind it – you aren’t exactly thrilled with your job, or at least certain parts of it. As you sit there doing mindless work for someone else and spinning your tires in the mud, you begin to wonder what your purpose is, if you’ll ever make an impact, and if you’ll be sitting in this same spot every day for the rest of your working life.

It’s not an inspiring image, and it’s all too common of a feeling across corporate America, but it doesn’t have to be.

As a business owner, you get to make your own schedule, salary, and set of rules. You get to hire and build the team you want to work with, and all of those things you would like to change about your current management – you can!

However, opening a business is a risky venture, and while you believe you have the aptitude for it, you’re not quite sure if you have the proper experience. Is it worth leaving your comfortable office job and normal routine to shake things up and take such a big risk? In short, the answer is a simple and resounding yes!

Some people work best as their own boss, and thrive in situations where they have the opportunity to do so. Where can one find this opportunity? Franchising!

When it comes to franchising, you’re ultimately a business owner with the perks and support that come with investing in a franchise. As a business owner – even in franchising – you get to do all of the things you aren’t able to do when you work for someone else.

Ultimately, the “system” is more of a blueprint for “how to run a successful business”. If your franchise brand hadn’t built something successful from the ground up, they wouldn’t be in a position to bring you on as an investor looking to use that system and brand to open your own location. You’re here because they are successful – trust them!

Aside from those basic guidelines, you make the rules. It’s up to you to run day-to-day operations and oversee both the long and short-term. As a franchise owner, you’ll be fully involved in your company, with the flexibility to determine which tasks are best fit for you, your schedule, and how everything works on a daily basis.

Becoming a franchise owner is the opportunity you’ve always dreamed about having, and it allows you to stretch yourself harness your inner creativity, and do things your way without the pressure of a “boss”. It’s the freedom you’ve been longing for daily while staring at the walls in your cubicle.

If you think you have what it takes and are ready to step outside your comfort zone, give us a call. Our representatives will walk you through the process of applying to be a franchisee and lead you on a path of achieving your dreams before you know it.

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