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-Written by Erik Sargent

For those looking into new business ventures as they try to expand and become their own business owner, one route that should be heavily considered is franchising. Franchising is where you buy into a proven brand of success and start your own location, and it can be a lucrative and fulfilling option for those who choose it.

One industry where franchising can prove extremely beneficial is moving, especially when you franchise with a moving company like TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®. For over 30 years, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has been moving people all across the country, working to not only help people through the stressful event of moving, but also to make an impact in the communities in each of the 350 plus locations we work.

As it is with any business route, it’s important to have a solid background of information on what you’re getting into. From understanding the costs to the type of business, the people you will be working with, and the areas you’ll be working in – you want to be “in the know” before you make your investment. But sometimes, the most helpful information isn’t in the manual or legal documents – it comes straight from the people who have experienced this franchising journey themselves.

We talked to several successful franchisees in our system to get their feedback on what tips they would provide to new owners, and any advice they might have for someone about to join in to a franchise system.

Eric St. Pierre – Franchise – Colorado Springs, Colo.

Why would you recommend franchising?


“I would recommend franchising because the systems that are needed to be successful are already in place. So much time and energy are saved when those have already been built for you. With a solid franchise, you also have a team at the Home Office location to help assist you with questions or issues you may have – utilize them! It also helps when the franchise has a great name and logo like TWO MEN AND A TRUCK does!”

What’s one thing you wish you would have known when you first opened your franchise?

“I wish I would have known that sometimes, you have to invest in people to help you before you think you need them. I think you have to have faith that the business will come if you have the right people to get there. So many of the people I have hired are way better at certain aspects of running the franchise than I am.”

Kathleen White – Franchisee – Virginia Beach, Va.

What tips would you give to someone as they open their first TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise?

“Obtain your operating authority well in advance! Hire well in advance of busy season, especially with drivers. Beware of having to turn down moves because you don’t have qualified drivers to drive your trucks. Hire more than you think you will need, because you definitely will need those people! Also, take your time hiring so that you can build a solid core group of employees to help you grow from the very beginning.

But, the most important piece of advice – one we learned the hard way – develop and implement processes early on so that everyone understands how work flows. Things will operate much more smoothly. Everyone will be on the same page in addressing issues, which will expedite their resolution.”

Why do you think franchising is a good business route?

“You get the best of both worlds! You get the support of a large franchise system, but you are independently owned and operated so you have a high-level of autonomy. You don’t have to have experience in the moving industry because of the training that is provided to you. You also don’t have to have experience owning or running a business, because again, the training and support is excellent. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has a unique culture in that it is an open system, and seasoned franchises are always willing to answer questions and help new franchisees. It is a proven system, as shown by the consistent growth TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has experienced within the United States and beyond.”

Tyler WhalenTyler Whalen – Franchisee – Omaha, Neb., Lincoln, Neb., and Albuquerque, N.M.

What areas should people try to focus on heavily once they start a new franchise?

“Take the time to learn all the roles in your franchise. When you are small, this is easy, but as you grow, you will be able to better support your team by being an expert in all fields of the day-to-day operations. Also, begin building your team well in advance, and build a good team that you are proud of. Positioning yourself with a great staff will make operations run much smoother, and growth will come without as many struggles.”

What makes TWO MEN AND A TRUCK such an appealing brand to work for and franchise with?

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, as a franchisor, will always be as hands on or as hands off with your business as you’d like them to be. They really care about your success and if you reach out for help and support, they are right there behind you offering it. After 30 years, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has not gotten comfortable with where they are, and continues to heavily invest in our business model by offering new services like Value Flex®, portable storage, vault storage, and constantly increasing our technologies.”


There you have it! Straight from the source with the experts themselves. We hope you found these tips for getting started with a franchised moving company like TWO MEN AND A TRUCK helpful! If this business plan sounds like it’s for you, great news – we have multiple territories available for purchase all around the country!

To find out more about how you can join on with the “Movers Who Care®”, click here.

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