DJ Cook and David Woods humbled and honored by National Move Hero nominations


-Written by Erik Sargent

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®’s Annual Meeting – held this past March in sunny Orlando, Fla., – is a chance for members of the company to gather and discuss new ideas, services, and plans as we continue to build and grow the company to new heights.

Attendees – who range from frontline employees all the way to franchisees and Home Office team members – sit in on keynote speakers, informational training sessions, and participate in other activities as they learn more about where we’re heading as a brand. For DJ Cook, a driver at our Polk County, Fla., location and David Woods, a move consultant at our Raleigh, N.C. location – their Annual Meeting experience had a different feel from the rest of the attendees.

While they were a part of the training sessions and team activities, there was one noticeable difference about their experience – they were the talk of the event.

“It was overwhelming,” Cook said. “I had never met so many people that were at the center of the organization and its daily operations. Everyone was very welcoming and thankful for me and what I do.”

Cook and Woods were two of three TWO MEN AND A TRUCK employees recognized as National Move Hero nominees at this year’s annual meeting, with the pair finishing as runners-up to the overall winner, Marcos Nabejar.

“Throughout the event, everyone was so warm, friendly, and welcoming,” Woods said. “Everyone went out of their way to meet you, and just make you feel like you were a part of the family.”

It’s a testament to how appreciated frontline staff is here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, because without our dedicated men and women on the frontline, none of what TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is able to do could happen.

Being nominated for a National Move Hero award was a welcoming and deserving honor for both employees, and it created memorable experiences as they spent all three days meeting and greeting with other attendees.

“My overall experience was great, and I think Annual Meeting changed me in a positive way,” Cook said. “Everyone I was able to meet there had nothing but insightful and intelligent things to say, and I’m truly overjoyed that I was able to attend. I think it showed that all of the hard work I was putting in was paying off, and that the company thought I was special enough to nominate me for an award.”

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is a national brand, and although each individual location brings their own styles to the table, it’s important for these individual spots to be recognized nationally along with their employees, and that’s exactly what happened at Annual Meeting.

“It was amazing. I was able to hear from so many other franchises about how they operate, what challenges they face every day in their daily operations, how they hire employees, and budgeting,” Woods said. “It was a great learning experience. Being nominated was overwhelming and humbling in the same sense, knowing that your employers believe in you that much to consider you for such a big award.”

For both Woods and Cook, they were informed of their nomination just before departing for Annual Meeting, and knew they would be in for a completely different experience than they had originally planned for. From chatting with members of other franchises to talking with the executive team and being recognized in front of the entire event, they were constantly on the move for three days.

“The day I was notified of the nomination, I was at work and not expecting anything, so I was really surprised when they told me,” Woods said. “I was blessed enough to meet so many wonderful people throughout the event, and learned so much about the company.”

A theme that both men displayed is hard work, and they proved that hard work in this company will pay off. Now that their time at Annual Meeting has concluded, it’s back to work– something they both embrace and are willing to build on.

“Moving people forward is our slogan, and I was moving people forward before I ever knew this company existed,” Cook said. “The way to build on this experience is by sharing everything that I learned at Annual Meeting with my coworkers back at my location.”

Check out the featured videos on DJ Cook and David Woods, below!

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