Maine franchisee hopes his career advancement inspires others in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® network


-Written by Erik Sargent

When the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise in Portland, Maine, officially opened, Colin Bergeron played a huge part in the launch as the franchise’s general manager – a crucial role for any franchise opening in a new territory with little to no brand recognition.

Fast forward to the end of May, and Bergeron’s career remained in Portland, but this time it had a new ring to it – franchisee. It’s a new leadership role for Bergeron, and he knew the support system he had around him would make this transition an enjoyable one.

Colin-Bergeron“I’m surrounded by so many successful people with knowledge and leadership skills, that I’m never going into something blind, and always have someone to call or talk to no matter the situation,” said Bergeron, who officially switched to the franchisee role on May 29. “All of that paired with the family-oriented background and foundation TWO MEN AND A TRUCK was built on made becoming a franchisee feel like I was gaining an even bigger role in the family.”

Bergeron began his career with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in the Northeast when he took a mover job at one of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Boston franchise locations in June of 2015.


As a mover, he was able to quickly work his way up to a driver role, and then into a supervisor role. Not long after that, an opportunity presented itself to become an operations manager at the franchise, and he quickly submitted his name. He held this position until becoming the general manager for Portland, and although he is now a franchisee, is still working every day to be a well-rounded member of the team.

“Staying grounded is a big thing for me,” Bergeron said. “I want to make sure I can be approached by all of my staff, whether it be a frontline team member that started a week ago or my veteran employees. If they are comfortable in approaching me, then they will be more willing to communicate anything with me – good or bad.”

Bergeron’s experience at all levels of the franchise level has paid off in a big way stepping into this new role, as he’s able to relate to anything the team members are going through, allowing to him to effectively communicate to resolve any issues.

“I want to continue practicing what I preach to my guys, and grow and learn each day,” Bergeron said. “If I can better myself and my practices each day, I am better than I was last week, and can only get better. Learning from my mistakes and continuing to get advice and learn things from my peers will also help me improve as a franchisee.”

Joining on to a franchisee network that includes long-time TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchisees including Jason Judson, Joel Trost, John Judson, Brian Stern, and Steve West, Bergeron has a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips as he begins his own franchising journey.

Although it hasn’t even been a month since making the shift, Bergeron is already setting goals for himself that he hopes to see accomplished sooner rather than later.

“No matter if it is Portland or another location in the future, I want to make sure we are doing things the right way,” Bergeron said. “Creating and maintaining a positive, thriving culture is extremely important to me. If I can lead in a way so every one of my employees are excited to come into work every day, I feel I’ll have less to worry about, and the culture will take care of itself.”

Bergeron is excited for all of the challenges that come with being a franchisee, and is ready to take them head on and bring the Portland franchise to a new level of operation. He hopes other members of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK family see the advancement he’s experienced in his career and it shows them the possibilities of working for the company.

“I’m excited for this new step in my career at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK,” Bergeron said. “I want my staff and other individuals just starting in the organization to see where I started and that there is great opportunity for each and every one of them if they want it and are willing to put work in.”

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