Franchisees around the country prepare their teams for the year’s busiest weekend


-Written by Erik Sargent

Hard-working frontline employees are what drive TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® to new heights year after year, and this weekend, teams from coast to coast will be hustling as they endure the year’s Busiest Move Weekend.

With 6,200 moves on the books and 3,100 trucks expected to be on the roads, we’ll be out in full force helping to ease the moving process for our customers. Meanwhile, our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchisees have been working to get their teams prepared for the busy weekend, and there’s quite a bit that goes into this process.

Brooke Wilson2“The prep we do for [busy] week is stocking equipment, fleet needs, and working on leadership to support the backfill volume as needed,” said Brooke Wilson, multi-unit franchisee with locations in Georgia and North Carolina. “We load up on refreshments and ‘thank you’ swag to recognize the guys’ hard work. The busiest move weekend usually falls on the hottest week of the year in North Carolina and Georgia, so this year we are stocked on up cooling towels, refreshments, wipes, and water balloons. It’s all about keeping the teams hydrated and motivated.”

Getting their franchises ready for Busiest Move Weekend isn’t something that starts when the weather starts to heat up – it’s a year-round process, and something franchisees and management teams constantly have in the back of their minds.

Brian-Stern“It is a truly continuous, year-long grind to be ready and make the most of busy season,” said Brian Stern, multi-unit franchisee with locations in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. “Any decision we make, whether it be about equipment, policies, strategy, we consider effects it will have on us in busy season. If it’s something that will not work during our peak season, then there is no reason to implement it. With this mindset year-round, we are always planning for our next steps.”

Having the proper employees in place can make a world of difference for a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise, and this starts with ongoing recruiting efforts.

Pedro-Gallegos“Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting – it’s very important to us [here at our franchise],” said Pedro Gallegos, franchisee of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK San Diego, Cali., location. “I have been doing two recruiting events a week for the past two months [in preparation for busiest move weekend]. We have plans to run 15 trucks this weekend, and it starts with recruiting.”

With an average of 22 moves booked per franchise, no location will be short of work on Busiest Move Weekend – and for the duration of the summer. This means big numbers, in every sense of the word, and each franchisee has a set of goals in mind as they prepare to tackle each move the rest of the summer.

“We look forward to seeing continued revenue growth while maintaining – if not raising – our level of customer service,” Stern said. “We have always had a continued focus on hiring, training, and recruiting. This year, we have implemented a Customer Care Manager. Not only have we filled this position, but I feel we have filled it with the right person. She holds our team accountable and attacks customer concerns head on. We are looking forward to a very successful 2018.”

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