Liz Friedmann announced as 2018 Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward® Scholarship winner


-Written by Erik Sargent

Like any other day of work for Liz Friedmann, it was business as usual as she arrived to the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® St. Louis, Mo., office on Thursday, September 27.

Friedmann had spent the last year participating in the Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward Scholarship program, a year-long program designed to train managers from within the system all aspects of the business to transition them into the franchisee role. She knew the winner announcement was looming, but didn’t know where she stood in the rankings.

So, like any other day, she went about her business and entered a meeting. Meanwhile in the office lobby, a gathering was taking place that would change the franchisee network of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK and her life.

“When I came out of the office and saw Randy [company president], I was filled with excitement, joy, and shock,” Friedmann said. “I couldn’t believe it, and it still seems unreal. It was a moment that felt like a dream, and it took me a while to realize what was happening. It was truly surreal, and something I will never forget.”

What was happening was huge news – Shacka and the rest of the St. Louis staff were there to announce that Freidmann was the winner of the 2018 scholarship and present her with a $50,000 check toward starting her new franchise. It capped off a long journey for Friedmann, and started a new path as a franchisee.

“We could not be more excited to award Liz and name her as TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchisee,” said Shacka, president of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. “This program and Liz’s advancement throughout our system is what the brand is all about. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is truly dedicated to moving people forward and providing that next opportunity.”

DSC00318Friedmann has been with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK for five years now and in her most recent role, served as the Customer Service Supervisor for all TWO MEN AND A TRUCK St. Louis locations.

She has come a long way since she started, and with each step along the way, has shown why she’s deserving of this award and the opportunity to open her own location.

“I am fortunate that many of the people who have encouraged me and helped me grow and develop over the last five years were present on Thursday,” Friedmann said. “For me, this was my favorite part of it all. I don’t think that five years ago anyone would have guessed I’d have the courage to apply for the scholarship program and despite this, they always believed in me and supported me. It was amazing to have all of them in one room and to be able to thank them for all they’ve done for me.”

As a company, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is passionate about moving careers forward through various training and educational programs. It’s not uncommon for our franchisee network to have started off in frontline positions, and Friedmann is yet another great example of how these people can grow into leadership roles.

“When I first came to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, I was very reserved and timid,” Friedmann said. “Throughout my time here, thanks to those around me, I became more confident and took more risks. I started to seize the opportunities for learning that Home Office provided, and looked for ways to increase my knowledge and help other departments. I am no longer a shy, timid person – I’m a confident risk taker, and I’m comfortable being uncomfortable. This announcement brought my journey full-circle and made me realize how much I have grown.”

DSC00321Friedmann’s story is another example of hard work and perseverance pays off for members of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK family. In March2019, Freidmann will use the $50,000 she was awarded and open her very first franchise location in Clifton, New Jersey.

Friedmann will be joining forces with current franchisees Jason Judson, John Judson, Steve West, and Jason Washburn – who is a former scholarship winner himself.

The new year will signal a new career for Friedmann as she relocates to New Jersey, and although there will be hurdles to face as she works to open her new location, she’s ready to tackle the challenges head on and start another exciting chapter at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.

“I have worked diligently over the last year with support from my franchisees in St. Louis, the staff at Home Office, and others around me to train, develop, and create a business plan,” Friedmann said. “I am excited to see my business plan come to life and to open up in New Jersey. My goal is to replicate the success that other franchises in our system have found by exceeding customer expectations, achieving a high referral rate, and retaining our frontline staff members.”

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