Ben Darnell brought over 25 years of business experience when joining the system in 2012


-Written by Erik Sargent

Part of what makes the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisee network so diverse is the fact that our franchises come from all different walks of life, backgrounds, and careers.

This collective wealth of knowledge always works toward the greater good of our company, and the diversity in experience amongst our franchisees helps us stay on the cutting edge of business while continuing to develop new and exciting strategies. For Multi-unit Franchisee Ben Darnell, he experienced more than 25 years of work before even hearing of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK – and his experiences were far from the moving industry.

Ben-Darnell“I was in the airline business for 24 years,” said Darnell, who has a location in Little Rock, Ark., and a location in Memphis, Tenn. “After that, I ran a PEO (Personal Employer Organization) for four years prior to joining the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK family.”

Despite his successful career prior to joining the “Movers Who Care®”, Darnell was alerted to the wonderful things happening at the company by his business broker, who in the past, had helped clients with purchases of other franchises in the system.

The business broker – who Darnell is still close with – informed him of the quality reputation TWO MEN AND A TRUCK had, and how fairly they treated their franchisees. He also spoke to Darnell on the  support you receive from the Home Office team in Lansing, Mich., and that was enough for Darnell to seek a franchise opportunity – opening his first location in Memphis in 2012.

“We purchased an existing franchise in 2012. The overall process was smooth, but it was a little intimidating as someone who had never owned a business before,” Darnell said. “Fortunately, I was working with my broker, and he – along with the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK team – were extremely helpful in helping me navigate the process. The process with Home Office was good, and they were helpful with all of the details.”

Having never owned a business prior, Darnell was on an exciting new business adventure having to learn the ins and outs of franchising and business ownership. However – 25-plus years of business experience had taught him a great deal, too, and he was able to apply that as he navigated his new career.

“I had good management skills, leadership, strategy, and financial background,” Darnell said. “I had zero experience in the moving industry, but I spent a lot of time talking everyone and anyone that would share their wisdom and best practices. These conversations – along with hiring a manager with moving experience – helped us accelerate our timeline to grow the business.”

It’s been nearly six years since Darnell purchased his first franchise – and four since his second – and he continues to learn and grow daily as he grows his locations.

From changing hiring practices to networking with other franchisees and managers, and even hiring a full-time marketing manager, he’s been on the lookout for necessary tweaks to continue his business growth He’s also learned to step back when necessary, and focus on more of the big picture.

“For me, I needed to give up some of the tedious and time-consuming work so I can spend more time with the staff, in the community, and setting goals,” Darnell said. “For our franchise goals, we would like to add a third franchise, maintain consistently high service numbers, and continue to develop our staff and move them forward in their careers.”

It was big career move for Darnell to give up his previous careers and take over business ownership, but it was a risk that has paid off in a big way, and he would recommend a journey with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK to anyone who wants to work with caring people.

“It’s just a great company with awesome people, plenty of resources, and endless support from Home Office,” Darnell said. “I would recommend it because it’s an opportunity to make a good living for yourself if you run it properly.”

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