A family connection and dream of business ownership led Pedro Gallegos to franchising


-Written by Erik Sargent

For those with the dream to one day own their own business, you never know when the opportunity to fulfill that dream might present itself, and nobody can attest to this more than Pedro Gallegos.

With a background in finance, Gallegos had been working on the consulting side of a public accounting firm in Chicago when he met his wife, Alicia. Together, the two had a dream to one day be business owners, and Alicia had a very important connection in her family that was about to make this dream a reality.

pedro gallegos070“We had always wanted to open our own business and be our own bosses,” Gallegos said when speaking of their plans. “My wife, Alicia, had worked in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK system all of her adult life, so she was very familiar with the brand, the system, and the opportunities it presented for growth.”

Alicia had been working in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK network as an adult but had been a part of it her entire life as her father, Brig Sorber, is one of the original “two men” and founders of the company. After deciding to go into franchising together, Pedro and Alicia opened a franchise in San Diego, Cali., in September of 2012, and have been operating on the West Coast ever since.

There was definitely a learning curve for Gallegos as he entered the work of franchising in the moving industry, but he was ready to take the challenge head on.

“I learned a lot in the consulting industry about work ethic, multi-tasking, and spreadsheet modeling, which are very helpful when you are managing a business,” Gallegos said. “One of the biggest challenges of jumping into franchising was just managing movers and drivers. I was used to a very formal business environment and when I became a franchisee, I had to learn how to communicate and relate to movers and drivers who normally come from different backgrounds than myself.”

Gallegos has come a long way in his now six-plus years of franchising with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. He’s learned the ins and outs of the business while operating in California and has found some things that really stick out to him about the franchising opportunity.

“I think just the chance to help customers move from one place to the next and receiving positive feedback from them is one of my favorite things about the job,” Gallegos said. “Also, it is incredibly exciting to see our employees grow and develop into higher roles with in our franchise, or with other franchises throughout the country.”

Operating in California is different than most states due to regulations and the sheer quantity of people in every area, but this hasn’t slowed Pedro or Alicia as they work to run the San Diego franchise. He mentioned some of his biggest goals moving forward are improving communication with customers and finding ways to make that an easier process.

Gallegos will still get out and about to take care of things on his own, getting out in the community and making the brand name known.

“I am networking more with realtors in realtor sessions around San Diego County when possible,” Gallegos said. “Also, I’m working to do five grassroots visits a week to apartment leasing offices and other locations so they are able to hand out or information and spread the word of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.”

Driving awareness for the brand will continue to be the main goal for Gallegos and his franchise, and even after six years of operation, it’s still imperative he works to get their name out there. When they first opened in 2012, it was the first TWO MEN AND A TRUCK location in San Diego, so the work that has been put into spreading brand awareness is nothing short of impressive.

It’s been a rewarding opportunity for both Gallegos, and he would recommend franchising with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK to anyone who isn’t afraid of a little hard work.

“I think it’s a great business opportunity with a strong, established brand,” Gallegos said. “Also, I really just like the industry because it’s not glamorous. Moving is not a glamour industry, so if you learn the business, you can see that the competition is not as a strong as TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.”


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