Clint Bergman finds new calling as a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchisee


-Written by Erik Sargent

When Clint Bergman arrived in Missouri from the state of Texas, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK wasn’t initially on his radar.

Bergman was moving to Springfield to attend the Baptist Bible Seminary, where he would eventually go on to earn his Ph.D. in Biblical Studies with a concentration in Hebrew and the Old Testament. In the meantime while taking these courses, Bergman needed a job, and that’s how he found his way into the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK network.

“I came to Springfield to go to seminary, and actually ended up working as a mover for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, and later as a driver during the summers,” Bergman said, who recently became a co-franchisee for the Springfield location. “I spent some time in operations and later worked as a manager for a year, and thought ‘I found my home’.”

While working as a part of the frontline operation at the Springfield franchise, Bergman was still working to become a pastor and professor – but a change at the school he was attending altered this path.

Clint-Bergman“The school I was working for began losing students and money, and I was part of the first wave of professors to not get invited back for the next school year,” Bergman said. “After working a different job for a while, I rejoined TWO MEN AND A TRUCK for the fourth time. In the span of a little more than a year, I started out in operations, moved up to general manager, and by the end of 2018 I became a franchisee.”

It wasn’t his original plan when he had moved to Missouri and it was an incredibly quick change of pace, but suddenly, Bergman had found a new calling in his life.

He gives a large amount of credit to the success he has been able to find to Co-Franchisee Grant Hornbuckle, who opened the doors to Bergman and made this all possible.

“The most important factor that has allowed me to find a niche with the brand would have to be the other franchisee, Grant Hornbuckle,” Bergman said. “He really opened up his doors and paved the way for this opportunity. Without his support, it would have been difficult to make the necessary steps, and I owe him all the credit.”

Bergman is now working in his first full year as a franchisee, and he’s excited for the opportunities that are ahead of him. The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK brand aligns well with his own personal beliefs, making the transition into business ownership a breeze.

“I understand compliance and how to embody the brand’s mission, core values, and core purpose,” Bergman said. “The mission statement aligns with how I’ve always tried to treat customers, and the brand’s core values are consistent with my own. I believe in moving forward, never settling, and always asking ‘what’s the next step.’ The path I was able to follow with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK lined up with my own personal philosophy on achievement.”

Moving forward in 2019, Bergman will work with Hornbuckle and the rest of the Springfield staff to keep growing their operation, and, personally, Bergman is learning the ins and outs of business ownership as he goes along.

“We have a desire to grow our footprint by opening additional TWO MEN AND A TRUCK locations,” Bergman said. “Springfield would be the hub of our group, and we would hope to stay within a day’s drive in the states that border us.”

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