2018 TWO MEN AND A TRUCK scholarship winner opens her first franchise in the state of New Jersey


-Written by Erik Sargent

Moving forward – it’s a theme that is talked about often in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK family, and one we love talking about when it comes to our employees and franchisees.

This is evident in all levels of the company, especially with our Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward Scholarship program, which was designed to take managers in the system, and put them through training and educational programs, ultimately choosing a winner at the end  to be awarded $50,000 toward their own franchise. This is a great opportunity for people to elevate their careers, and our 2018 winner, Liz Friedmann, recently opened her own location, in partnership with the franchisee team she was part of, and is settling into her new role.

Friedmann initially started out as a CSR at our St. Louis, Mo., location. She’s been working for this since day one, and is enthusiastic to finally take the next step in her career.

“The journey to opening my franchise began on my first day as a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK employee,” Friedmann said. “From my first day, the support and encouragement to grow from my coworkers, Home Office, and other TWO MEN AND A TRUCK members never tarnished, and the belief that people held in me never weakened. The foundation of support throughout the process of opening my location made it a truly incredible experience.”

Friedmann opened her location in Clifton, New Jersey, along with franchisee partners from around the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK network.

It’s a new market for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, but Friedmann has already noticed a positive trend in the right direction for spreading awareness and a welcoming attitude from the community.

“While the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK brand is still newer to New Jersey, our neighboring locations have created positive brand recognition, and the community of Clifton has been very welcoming,” Friedmann said. “We are excited to give back to our community, help it grow, and continue to build brand recognition in the area.”

As it goes with the opening of any new business, there are always hurdles, and this was no different. After originally planning to open in May, the date was pushed back a bit as they worked to find the best location to suit their needs.

It was important to Friedmann that the quality and location of her office set them apart from other moving companies in the area.

“Most moving companies in New Jersey lack the quality and integrity of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK and have a reputation for being ‘fly by night’ companies,” Friedmann said. “Because of this reputation, New Jersey has very strict requirements for public movers. While we knew this going into the evaluation, getting our license granted was a little tricky.”

With year one officially underway for Friedmann, there is an endless list of things that need to be taken care of to ensure her operation runs smoothly, and she has a few goals in mind that she hopes to accomplish as everything gets rolling.

“Like I mentioned, being a moving company in New Jersey comes with a lot of negative associations,” Friedmann said. “We understand that we need to set ourselves apart from the other moving companies and become an integral part of our community for our employees and customers. Throughout this first year, our franchise will participate in charity and community events to make the brand a household name. Growing our brand’s image and reputation as a great place to work and the best choice in movers is our primary objective.”

Though her experience in the scholarship program helped train her on some of the aspects related to being a franchisee, it’s the totality of her time with the company that has Friedmann ready to take on this new challenge.

“Without my previous experiences as a CSR, a manager, and with the scholarship program, none of this would be possible,” Friedmann said. “Like I mentioned earlier, since day one there has been support and encouragement that has guided me to where I am today. These experiences helped me and continue to help me transition into the franchisee role.”

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