Juan Gallegos announced as the 2019 Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward® Scholarship Winner


Written by Erik Sargent

When Juan Gallegos arrived at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Quad Cities, Iowa office on Wednesday morning, he assumed it would be like any other day of work.

He knew he had a few meetings. Payroll also needed to be submitted, and he knew that was going to be a big chunk of his day. He also knew his franchisee, Bob Christensen, was stopping by to talk business, so that would come first.

As Gallegos sat in the back of the Quad Cities office talking with Christensen and a few other team members discussing profits, a knock came on the door. Normally, this wouldn’t mean much – someone asking a question, relaying a call, or some other business-related duty.

Instead, in came TWO MEN AND A TRUCK President Randy Shacka holding a check for $50,000 with Gallegos’ name on it. After a year of hard work and training, it was official – he was the winner of the 2019 Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward Scholarship.

“My first reaction was like ‘wow, is this really happening right now,’” Gallegos said, who has been the operations manager at the Quad Cities location after working his way up from a mover nearly 10 years ago. “We were just discussing profits and then Randy comes through the door. It was just that ‘wow’ factor, like hey – I actually won, why else would Randy be here? There was just so much emotion running through my mind, like your dreams are right there and you are grabbing them.”

DSC_0111.JPGIt’s a dream come true indeed for Gallegos, who will now get the opportunity to become a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchisee and open his very own franchise location. Gallegos was chosen as the overall winner for the 2019 edition of the scholarship program, and his hard work and preparation paid off in a big way.

“Juan, it’s been a grueling 12-month process, and you did an amazing job,” Shacka said when presenting Gallegos the winning check. “To have you come to Home Office and present your plan was amazing, but what was more inspirational was you sharing your perspective of people and that compassion you have for not only the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK brand, but for seeing people excel each and every day.”

As he soaked in the moment and what was happening for him, Gallegos was able to reflect on the year-long journey and what was required of him as a member of the scholarship program.

“It takes dedication [being in the program] for sure. Just making sure to set aside time for the homework, the courses you have to take, the presentations, and just pushing forward on it,” Gallegos said. “Now, it’s kind of like wow, this is all happening now. Like I said earlier – my long-term goal is now my short-term goal, and it’s here. Now I just wait for the next step.”

Gallegos came to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK as a mover and had already had some previous moving experience before starting at the Rockford, Illinois franchise.

Bob and Juan

His long-time franchisee – Bob Christensen – has seen Juan’s journey from the start, and knew that he had exactly what it takes to not only succeed in the program, but to become a successful franchisee.

“His best attribute is that he really wants to do a good job – it bothers him if he doesn’t,” Christensen said. “He embraces what TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is all about. If any of my managers – or even me – ever wants to know what policy is or what the rules and regulations are, we talk to Juan.”

Gallegos was surprised not only by Randy Shacka and some Home Office members, but also by two different local news crews who wanted to get coverage on the announcement. His wife and youngest son were also in attendance, along with the entire Quad Cities staff there to cheer him on and celebrate with some delicious cake.

He’s excited about what is ahead for him, and knows that while there will be challenges starting from the ground up, he is prepared and has some excellent support in his back pocket.

“I’m most excited about getting to share the experience, going out there, and just being able to relate to the new faces coming in through the door,” Gallegos said. “Considering that I started when Bob opened this franchise, [I’ll be] able to relive that, and seeing it through that perspective [is exciting]. I’m just excited for something new.”

Although his life had officially changed for good with the announcement, Gallegos decided that he was going to keep it simple with the celebration – and stay with those who were there from the start.

“Well, I would say I would take the day off [to celebrate], but I have to submit this payroll and make sure everyone gets paid,” Gallegos said with a laugh. “I think I will just spend the day here at the office with my actual family and my TWO MEN AND A TRUCK family.”

Congratulations to Juan and all of the other candidates who participated in the 2019 Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward Scholarship Program!

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