Two decades of experience gives Franchisee Rob Wallace great perspective as business owner

Rob Wallace.JPG

Written by Erik Sargent

When Rob Wallace joined the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK family initially, things were a lot different than they were today.

For starters – he joined on as a mover with the Columbus, Ohio, franchise in the winter of 1996 for a brief stint. He left that job to work in logistics for a few years, but in the 1999, found himself with the opportunity to join back with the company and start fresh.

”I have been a general manager in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK system at one location or another since 1999,” said Wallace, who is now part of the franchise ownership of three different TWO MEN AND A TRUCK locations across Ohio and Pennsylvania. “I have been added to the franchise agreement for some of the recent acquisitions in our group. It’s been a pretty painless process thanks to Mike Lally – he made things very easy for me.”

Wallace is part of Lally’s franchise group, where Lally owns 10 TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise locations. Wallace has handled some part of running various locations in this group for nearly two decades, but when the chance to get his name in the mix as a franchisee presented itself, he was ready to go.

“It was an easy decision,” Wallace said. “It’s not hard to see the potential and power of the brand to thrive and grow in any market when people focus on the right things and bring their best each day.”

Although he has technically transitioned into a franchisee role, life remains relatively the same for Wallace, who has always played an integral role in operations and the overall big picture for his franchise locations.

This experience will pay off in a big way as he takes on more franchisee-related roles, as he was able to learn quite a bit about building effective teams during his time as a general manager. He’s been able to apply this to all of the locations in his franchise group, helping each to grow significantly over the last few years.

“We really want to do $20 million in revenue from our 10 locations while keeping a 98 percent customer referral rating,” Wallace said. “Those are the big ones on our dashboard. Beyond that, we want our local teams focused on our revenue and profit goals for their location, and also continuing to build bench strength so we can keep growing with fewer growing pains.”

It’s been quite the journey for Wallace since he joined in 1996 as a mover in Columbus, and he’s become one of the longer tenured members of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise network. Wallace has been able to find countless success working within our brand, and he would recommend it to anyone.

“I always like to tell my team that we’re not building rockets. This is a pretty simple business model, where effort and focus on details can take you far,” Wallace said. “The support you get working as a franchisee from Home Office is invaluable if you take advantage of it.”

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