Frontline team members gather for networking and training at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Frontline Annual Meeting


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-Written by Erik Sargent

Even though there were record cold temperatures in the state of Michigan this week, it didn’t lower the spirits of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK frontline staff gathered in East Lansing, Mich.

The attendees met for three days at the Kellogg Center for Frontline Annual Meeting, a yearly conference where our frontline team members get a chance to meet with Home Office employees, sit through educational sessions, participate in team building activities, and have some fun. It’s also a good chance for  frontline staff members to meet people from other franchise locations, network, and learn  how other operations conduct within the company.

“You get to learn something different every time you come here,” said Kevin English, the team lead for the Princeton, N.J., franchise. “You meet different people every time you come here, and you get bigger and greater ideas every time.”

It’s also a chance for the attendees to meet the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK executive team face-to-face – something that isn’t taken lightly.

“One thing that stands out the most is the founders and executives being here,” English said. “They’re here, they talk to you, they interact with you. At some companies you never get to meet someone who owns the company, and they don’t interact with the lower level team members.”

FAM - iPhone -14Tuesday kicked off the festivities, with a general session to greet everyone and a couple of quick breakout sessions. Attendees were then given a chance to take a tour of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Home Office building, before being bused to downtown Lansing for some fun at the Impression 5 Science Museum.

Wednesday was the busiest day of the event, with another general session before breaking out into more education sessions and workshops. These continued throughout the day before there was a town hall question and answer session with the executive team and a vendor marketplace for attendees to eat, network, and play some games.

“I mean, it’s just great here,” said Joe Curry, a driver at the Peoria, Ill., franchise location. “You get so much information from here, you meet all different kinds of people from all over the country. It’s a great experience, and you take a lot from here back with you.”

For the attendees, just getting a chance to talk with others, take it all in, and learn more about the company is an eye-opening experience, and really gives them a chance to see the bigger picture of things for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.

“Everybody is so nice, that’s one thing,” said Kristen Palanker, a customer service representative at our Jacksonville, Fla., franchise location. “I reconnected with someone that used to work with me at my franchise. I’ve learned a lot, like sales techniques. There’s a lot of things I’ve learned that I need to bring back to tell people about. But, I’ll [also] be able to bring back that I feel like I really know TWO MEN AND A TRUCK now and how people work and how kind people are, not just at my franchise. It just feels like I’m a part of something larger.”

FAM - iPhone - 9Thursday was the final day of the event, and it kicked off with a Cheeridocials team building activity where everyone assembled duffel bags that would soon be delivered to a veteran’s hospital in Ann Arbor, Mich. After a few more breakout sessions, everyone gathered for an awards lunch where some of the top performers in the company were recognized before being dismissed for the week.

It was another successful Frontline Annual Meeting, and the connections that were made will go a long way in helping us continue to move forward as a company.

“In the past couple of days, I’ve seen so much new growth and new opportunities for potential,” said John McKee, a driver and mentor at the Waukesha, Wis., franchise location. “That’s exciting. You can’t ask for much more than that. Once you get in here, you see it’s like a family – I can’t stop saying that enough. This company is like a family.”




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