Our top Franchising You blog posts from the past year!


2019 is coming to a close, and it’s been another successful year for the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK brand – specifically with our franchise development.

The Franchising You blog platform worked to capture some of the highlights from our franchise system and franchisee network, and we covered everything from our 2019 Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward Scholarship program winner to new franchise openings, franchising FAQs, and much more.

So as we wrap up 2019 and head into 2020, let’s look back at the most visited stories from this year.


  1. TWO MEN A TRUCK: The Story of the Stickmen

Spanning over 35-plus years, the history of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has evolved from a small, local business to the nation’s largest franchised moving company.

  1. Franchisee Success Stories: Holly Stewart

Holly Stewart started as a general manager for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in the Atlanta area and has since worked her way into a multi-unit franchisee.

  1. Success stories show why TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchising is worth the investment

Our franchisee network is full of success stories that show how TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is worth the investment.

  1. From driver to franchisee: A unique perspective from franchisee Tyler Whalen

Tyler Whalen has held nearly every position imaginable at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise level, and he’s now a multi-unit franchisee with locations across multiple states.

  1. Five critical questions to ask when reviewing a franchise agreement

Ask these important questions when you’re about to sign a franchising agreement.

  1. Long-time franchisee Brooke Wilson profiled by Franchising.com

Brooke Wilson has found success franchising with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, and Franchising.com ran a feature detailing just how successful she has been.

  1. Frequently asked questions about franchising with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

Learn everything you need to know about franchising with our brand.

  1. A positive brand experience spiked Curtis Newman’s interest in TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

Curtis Newman had a positive experience with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK early in his life, and this would be the foundation that ended up with him being a multi-unit TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchisee.

  1. Starting your own business vs. joining a franchising opportunity

Franchising can be a successful alternative for those looking to own a business.

  1. 2018 TWO MEN AND A TRUCK scholarship winner opens her first franchise in the state of New Jersey

Liz Friedmann won the 2018 Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward Scholarship and opened her first franchise location in New Jersey in 2019.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.

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