What to expect when joining a franchising brand vs. starting your own business


If you have the dream of one day running your own business, there is quite a bit that goes into consideration when deciding how to invest your money.

It’s important to do your research on both options, including business profitability, what long-term success looks like, franchising support if you go that route, and much, much more. Perhaps one of the most important aspects is determining what your personal goals are and how to align your business with those goals and beliefs.

Franchising is a business opportunity that allows the perks of business ownership without the hassle of creating an idea and building it from scratch. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has been helping our franchisees recognize their business ownership dreams for more than 30 years, and we have a diverse franchisee network that helps continue to push our brand forward with innovation and service.

“[TWO MEN AND A TRUCK] is a business that is committed to staying in front of the pack,” said Mike Reps, a multi-unit franchisee with locations in Minnesota and North Dakota. “We get a lot of support from Home Office, and there are endless opportunities for us as franchisees and for our locations.”

Starting a franchising path with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK means you’re buying into a proven model of success, not relying on building something from the ground up. Our moving trucks are recognizable in communities across 44 states in America – as well as Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom – so right away, you’re building awareness with your trucks out and about in the community.

Our reputation for customer service, our ever-expanding list of services, and the ability to help people during a stressful time is what separates us from other moving companies and franchising opportunities. It’s also what puts people on the right path toward success.

“Franchising with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK gives you the ability to run a small business with the support of a very caring system,” said Josh Payne, franchisee of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Canton, Ohio, location. “The revenue and profit potential in comparison to other franchising opportunities is incredible. When you add those things with the ability to truly help people and make a difference in the community, it is an opportunity everyone should look into.”

We have created a streamlined process for franchising that allows anyone to find success with our brand, making sure that your investment is being put to good use. Our franchise development team is available to answer any questions you have during the initial briefing process, and you are also able to speak with other franchisees about their experiences, from opening to expanding in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK system.

If you decide to purchase, you are invited to our Home Office in Lansing, Mich., for our “Gearing Up” class to learn everything involved with the business. You also gain access to our vast online training and learning library.

To provide even more support, once you are officially a franchisee, you receive dedicated, hands-on support from the Home Office subject matter experts, who cover every aspect of the business and serve as a resource to help your operation grow.

“We have a dynamic franchise system that rewards teamwork and grit,” said Mike Lally, a multi-unit franchisee with locations in Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. “Our leadership continues to raise standards and expectations which, if we all have a voice in getting there, protects our position as an industry leader. I continue to watch hardworking, disciplined, and open-minded people join our system and take us to new heights, which is a great recipe for success.”

If you would like to learn more about franchising opportunities within TWO MEN AND A TRUCK or you’re interested in getting the process rolling to start your own, visit our Franchise Development website, here.

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