Denise Blaisdell awarded the 2023 Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward Scholarship

The rain was pouring on a gloomy Thursday morning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – which it’s known to do around those parts – as Denise Blaisdell made her way to work.

She had already forgotten her phone at home to start the day, so she was a bit rushed. She also knew there was an announcement being posted that morning on the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® International Facebook page, but she didn’t know what it was about.

She kept refreshing the page at each stoplight. Nothing. What was it?

Confused as to why nothing was happening, Blaisdell continued her journey to the office. As she opened the door for what seemed like a normal day of work, her life instantly changed forever.

Standing there with a check for $50,000 was TWO MEN AND A TRUCK President Randy Shacka and in that instant, Blaisdell knew what was happening. She was being announced as the winner of the 2023 Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward Scholarship program.

“I can let this sit for a minute because you just put in six, seven months of amazing work to represent the [Mary Ellen’s Moving People Forward Scholarship program],” Shacka said as members of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Baton Rouge office looked on. “This program is based on grit, hard work, but most importantly, amazing people like yourself.”

“Congratulations, we are so happy for you.”

With one simple announcement – which was being streamed via Facebook Live – Blaisdell’s career path changed. She was now the winner of the scholarship program and will become a franchisee in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK system. After years of experience as the Regional Vice President of Operations for the TWO MEN AND A TRCK Baton Rouge and Mobile, Alabama offices, she will be taking the next step and becoming a business owner.

Her reaction in the moment said it all.

“Sheer joy. I’m overwhelmed, happy, proud of myself and my team,” Blaisdell said. “I’m so blessed to be in an organization that does something like this. I can’t believe that my life has led me to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK and that I’ve had this opportunity. I’m just overwhelmed.”

“I worked so hard for this. We worked so hard for this. It’s been a team effort.”

The tears flowed from Blaisdell’s face, and her team members embraced her with hugs and congratulations as the news set in. In preparation of the surprise – which a few members of the office were tipped off about to help facilitate the announcement – they decorated a special room to celebrate. It had snacks, balloons, and even celebratory champagne.

As Blaisdell tried to gather herself and her thoughts, she immediately began to reflect on her journey through the company and the scholarship program and reflected on how all the work she put in had finally paid off. Like any business owner, plans were already going through her mind.

“The first goal is to open in Monmouth County, New Jersey, and I’m really looking forward to getting up there, building the brand, diversifying the business, and becoming a name in New Jersey,” Blaisdell said. “But additionally, I’m really looking to continue growing my team – our team. They need to continue to move through the programs, too.”

Eventually, she wants her team to experience the opportunities she had with programs like the scholarship program, which taught her so much over the last year.

“It’s just been such a great learning opportunity,” Blaidsell said. “Regardless of me winning or not, I would have gained so much information and so much knowledge that you can’t put a price tag on.”

After a little business talk and thoughts on opening her franchise in New Jersey, Blaisdell shifted back into the moment. There would be plenty of time to talk about franchise opening plans, building a team, purchasing moving trucks, and spreading brand awareness in her new city.

The rest of the day was about celebration. Her team was ready to help and she was ready to participate.

How was she going to enjoy the day?

“Well, I think there’s going to be champagne. I’ll call my mom, my aunt, my sister. My phone has been blowing up,” Blaisdell said. “I think we might celebrate with some cake. It’s been a lot of work, and it’s going to be nice to kind of have that released and enjoy it for a day. Then, we’ll go right back at it tomorrow.”

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New North Carolina franchisee used family as motivation to advance and grow his career

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Franchisee Jeremy McDuffie

Career growth is a priority at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK– from our movers and drivers up through our managers, we are proud to create opportunities our franchises can offer their frontline teams to advance their careers.

Many TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchisees began their journeys on the trucks as movers and drivers and for new franchisee Jeremy McDuffie, he is no different. McDuffie – along with co-franchisees Tim Kirian and Brian Churney – recently opened the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Outer Banks, N.C. franchise. This is not only a milestone achievement for our brand as we open a new location, but also for McDuffie, who was able to have years of hard work solidified as he transitions to the franchisee role.

He’s had quite the ride to get to this place, and those closest to him served as his biggest motivation as he worked toward this achievement.

“I initially started as a mover and I was eager to learn the business,” McDuffie said. “Shortly after beginning my career, I was blessed to learn that I had a daughter on the way and would soon be a father. I used that as motivation to be the best employee I could possibly be, and this determination led to me coming a driver, and eventually landing in management positions.”

With so many different roles prior to becoming a franchisee, McDuffie was able to see the workings of a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise from various positions, which he knows will help him out as a business owner.

There are still new challenges involved like there would be with any career change, and it’s something McDuffie is looking to take head on.

“The biggest challenge from this transition would be just handling the new responsibilities that are different from what I’m accustomed to in previous positions,” McDuffie said. “I’m working on developing the most effective schedule so I’m able to focus on each task, something I know is vital to being a franchisee.”

It’s not all hard, however, and he’s enjoyed some of the new responsibilities involved with this role..

“My favorite part about being a franchisee so far is just having the opportunity to show employees what can be accomplished when you combine hard work with our core values,” McDuffie said. “I am living proof that you can certainly move forward within TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.”

With being a new franchise and opening a brand new location, there is a never-ending list of tasks McDuffie and his co-franchisees will work on as they build their location and generate customer awareness in their area.

McDuffie is also really focused on the employee side of things as he works to get a team set in place at his location. He feels building relationships is one of his most important jobs as a franchisee.

“I believe everyone working together as a family is what keeps the business moving in a positive direction,” McDuffie said.

It’s the beginning of another franchising journey in the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK family, and another example of how much is possible with this company when hard work is put in. McDuffie is honored and ready for the new opportunity, and he would encourage anyone interested to go for it.

“I would definitely recommend franchising with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK,” McDuffie said. “The company’s reputation speaks for itself. It provides endless career opportunities and it provides the chance to give back and help in the community.”

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Interested in franchising with us or learning more about our franchise opportunities? Visit our Franchise Development website for more details or subscribe to this blog.

What to expect when starting your own business versus joining an established franchise brand


Becoming a business owner is a dream many have as they look to establish themselves as professionals at the beginning of their working careers.

However, deciding how to get there is a complicated process and involves a lot of planning and decision making as you figure out how to invest your money. While the traditional route is starting your own business, franchising is another avenue to business ownership that could be strongly considered for those looking to be their own boss.

When it comes to starting your own business, you have to come up with an idea from scratch, build a product and following, and continue to innovate as you expand your business reach and customer network. With franchising, you are buying into a proven model of success where brand recognition is already prevalent as you open a new chapter of a business people already trust.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has allowed people to achieve their dream of business ownership for more than 35 years, and in turn, has built a diverse franchisee network full of experienced, hardworking individuals who come from all backgrounds.

“I became a franchisee for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in December of 2014,” said Curtis Newman, who is a multi-unit franchisee with locations in Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Texas. “The process was very detailed and organized in the months leading up to everything. We were fortunate enough to be able to speak with the Home Office First Gear Team on a weekly basis, and they made sure we had everything in order to be successful.”

The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK brand is now open in 45 states across America – as well as Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom – and we’re looking to continue our expansion in these areas as time goes on. For three decades now, we’ve made a mark on the moving industry as being a reputable moving service with outstanding customer service.

It’s a brand people can trust, and that trust makes franchising an exciting opportunity for potential franchisees who are interested in joining the brand.

“I love being my own boss and being hands-on,” said Jim Frederickson, a multi-unit franchisee with locations in Arizona. “Having my own company in my hometown and providing a quality service to my network of friends, relatives, coworkers, classmates, and so on is just an awesome experience. I still say today that my mom is my biggest referral source.”

Dedicated support

A major selling point of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchising experience is the support you get from our dedicated Home Office subject matter expert teams. All areas of business are covered here – marketing, sales, accounting, human resources, operations, risk and safety management, and more – to ensure your franchise is successful.

Working together with these Home Office teams, you’ll develop the best plans for your business while also gaining access to daily support and communication should you have questions.


We are strong believers in extensive and ongoing training for everyone involved with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK so we can continue to improve at every level. From the moment you sign on as a franchisee with our brand, you are given access to a large resource of training options.

From our Gearing Up course for new franchisees to monthly webinars and our Stickmen University library, you’ll have every topic of the franchising world covered.

Growing service options

In order to have a successful franchise, you need successful service options, and that’s exactly what we have here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. We’ve continued to evolve over the years from just local, home movers, and we now offer business moving, long-distance moving, storage options, packing options, and our newest service – junk removal.

These will help you become a one-stop-shop for all moving needs for your customers.

If you would like to learn more about franchising opportunities within TWO MEN AND A TRUCK or you’re interested in getting the process rolling to start your own, visit our Franchise Development website, here.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward! For more helpful tips and information on moving services subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook.

Hands-on training programs offer new franchisees support for building strong business foundations


Franchising is a unique form of business ownership where you get many of the perks of starting your own business, but instead, buy into a proven model of success that guides and offers you strong support throughout the journey.

There are many factors that determine how successful you can be with franchising, and two of the most important are training and support. Simply put: it’s crucial for new franchisees to understand the business they are buying into in order to create long-term success with their investment. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has continued to modify and improve franchising processes for more than three decades, and one of the most important things to us is providing in-depth training to give new franchisees a step toward success.

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Extensive training programs provide solid foundation for new TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchisees


There are many factors that go into a successful franchising opportunity, but two critical aspects of the franchising world are training and support.

Specifically with training – it’s imperative new franchisees understand the business they are buying into, and how to create long-term success. At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, it’s our priority to provide top-of-the-line training to our franchisees – especially new franchisees – so they’re able to grow their businesses. Continue reading

Franchisee Drew Brooks to take over TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Little Rock location


-Written by Erik Sargent

With so many franchise locations across the country, the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchisee network is incredibly diverse and full of individuals with a wide-range of business backgrounds.

This makes the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK peer network even more important to new franchisees, as each is able to draw on the different experiences that others have. For new Franchisee Drew Brooks, he brings another layer to this network as he recently joined TWO MEN AND A TRUCK to take over the Little Rock, Ark., location. Continue reading