Selling with Core Values

Written by Lana Adams 


Lana Adam, Sales Director at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®/INTERNATIONAL, Inc.

In my 25 or so years of selling everything from chicken to virtual offices, I can tell you firsthand that sales sounds simple but it certainly isn’t easy. Sales people in general are often viewed with skepticism, expected to be outgoing and gregarious, and have an amazing resiliency for dealing with rejection while pursuing their next sale and chasing ever-increasing goals.

If that description doesn’t have you scrambling to update your resume for landing the next open sales position you can find, here is a better description of sales which may provide more accurate insight: sales is the art of helping people solve problems. At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we happen to help people solve one of life’s more stressful challenges — moving their entire life from point A to point B without delay, damage, or loss. When executed correctly, at the heart of every good sales process lies an unrelenting desire to help people; at the heart of every great sales process is the unrelenting desire to help people while adhering to a strong moral and ethical code. We call them our Core Values.

Virtually everyone has a moving horror story or knows someone who does. Strong belief in our Core Values – integrity, giving back to the community, The Grandma Rule®, caring, and to be our best and have fun – provides our sales professionals the framework to offer customers a professional and pleasant moving experience that will meet or exceed their expectations.

In an extraordinarily competitive environment fraught with moving providers who engage in questionable practices, chief among our Core Values is integrity. Providing customers with the most accurate moving estimate possible is important for a number of reasons: overestimate and we run the risk of compelling customers to consider seemingly less expensive options; underestimate and customers may find themselves unpleasantly surprised with the total at the end of their move. No one, and I mean no one, likes that kind of surprise. Our move consultants are trained to ask specific questions regarding each customer’s unique move to help develop the most accurate estimate possible. Our 96 percent customer satisfaction rating indicates we’re getting it right.

Going hand-in-hand with integrity is The Grandma Rule® where we strive to treat each customer as if they were our own grandmother. You’d probably want your grandmother and her belongings treated with the utmost respect, right? We strive to do that every day, beginning with the very first interaction with our move consultants whether online or by phone.

HannaCaring for our customers doesn’t stop once our team has booked your move. In fact, it’s really just the beginning. Our move consultants, movers, and drivers work to ensure you have everything you need to protect your treasured belongings during your move. They’re trained to consult with customers, learn about what types of items are being moved, and help assess your needs for packing and unpacking assistance, and recommend necessary moving supplies ranging from boxes to bubble wrap.

We challenge our teams to be their best and have fun every single day and just because you’re moving, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun along the way. While it may not be the same kind of fun as, say, a day at the beach, we try do whatever we can to help you begin your new adventure on a high note.

Four of these Core Values – integrity, The Grandma Rule®, caring, and the opportunity to be our best and have fun – support our ability to give back to our communities. Beginning with Mary Ellen Sheets’ first $1,000 donation to 10 different community charities, our sales team is at the leading edge of helping customers understand the unique benefits of using TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® over other moving options. That in turn enables us to help those in need move forward in their lives, too.

In the spirit of helping people move forward, our corporate sales department strives to support the on-going growth and success of our franchisees and their sales teams. We host quarterly peer sessions so move consultants can brainstorm and network with their peers around the world to share best practices on relevant performance topics like building rapport with customers, communicating the value of our services, and helping customers assess their needs for boxes, packing supplies, or packing and unpacking services. A training program is offered to help even those team members with no prior sales experience gain the skills and master the concepts to help customers solve their moving problems and choose TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®.

Our Core Values make our sales process not just a systemized series of questions but, rather, transforms it into personal interactions and opportunities that help people solve problems. It’s one of the most rewarding and fulfilling sales roles I’ve ever had and THAT is something that should have you scrambling to update your resume!

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